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on the ones and twos July 27, 2010

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Scene: at The Mister and I’s home…that only has one bathroom (you’ll see why that’s important soon).

Me:  *putting my bedtime clothes on and getting ready to hit the hay*

The Mister: *turning out the lights and locking up the house for the night*

Me: *seeing him heading down the hall* Are you going to the bathroom?

The Mister: *looking at me like I’m crazy because there’s nothing else down that hall* Yeah.  (But said like “duh”.)

Me:  *nervously* Ummmm, is what you’re about to do gonna take one step or two?  Because I’ve gotta go too, but I’ve only got one step…so let me go first if you’ve got two steps.  *nimbly dodging the outright use of the words “poop” and “poo”*

The Mister:   *laughing* I’ve just got the one.

Me:  *relieved* Oh…okay.  Carry on.

How do you and your honey handle the bathroom…um…situation?  I know that we’re in a unique position since we only have one.  Do you have any unspoken rules?  Like warnings?  Or this bathroom is for one step…but use this one if your bathroom experience will require more than the basic one step endeavor?


18 Responses to “on the ones and twos”

  1. Kemi Says:

    The hubs and I have two bathrooms so we don’t really have to have these issues…..but we still do! lol. One’s ensuite the bedroom and the other is it’s poor cousin down the hall. As you can see, two steps is not very pleasant while a spouse is in the bedroom, ha!

    Generally though, hubby is very much a gentleman and even if we both rush to the bedroom one he just shrugs and schleps it off to the other one lol.

  2. We have 2.5 baths, so we don’t have that particular issue..LOL!! He goes in one and I go to the other..the half bath downstairs is up for grabs.

  3. AM Says:

    we just go and give each other fair warning…this was never an issue!

  4. Frugalista Says:

    We also have 2.5 baths but when we had 1 in a studio it wasn’t an issue b/c we just let it all hang out! “Did you poop? Why didn’t you use air freshener!” “I gotta do #2 so you can go 1st.” No embarassment at all!! My thing is once you have had sex with someone and that someone is your one and only-really what else is more up close and personal then that!!! LOL

  5. Tazzee Says:

    This post is funny to me because I ask the same thing. We have 2.5 baths. If MM has to take two steps, he always goes to the Teen’s bathroom. But if the Teen is in there and he doesn’t feel like going downstairs, he takes his matches into our bath. He usually gives me a warning.

    Since mine doesn’t stink and I don’t take as long, I don’t have to warn him 😉

  6. Tiffany Says:

    We have 3 bathrooms, so we’ve never really had to deal with this. He uses our master bathroom, but I tend to use our downstairs guest bathroom. One day I’ll learn not to use the guest bath when we get surprise guests right after I finish handling my biz, lol!

  7. Toya Says:

    This was hilarious!!! However, me and the hubby don’t have this issue as we have 3 bathrooms in our home. Although, we do have a rule to not use the bathroom in the bedroom for the the “two-step” unless you are home alone. I tend to use the downstairs guest bathroom, and he uses the upstairs bathroom when we are both home.

    However, my girlfriends and I had a conversation the other day about bathrooms and the hubbies, and we all discovered that it seems that the fellas don’t have any problem with coming in the bathroom while we are doing the “two-step.” None of us wanted to be in the bathroom with them, but it seems that for them it’s not an off-limits locale like it is for the women. What do you think?

  8. Sarah Says:

    We refer to it as “fouling the integrity of the bathroom.” There is an offer made to the other inhabitants of the house: “Do you need to go because I’m about to foul the integrity of the bathroom?”

    We don’t walk in on each other when one of us is on the pot, and if we do accidentally, the other person retreats and closes the door.

    I believe there ought to be a little mystery left, and frankly that’s ONE mystery I don’t mind keeping all to myself.

  9. Patricia Says:

    Wow, I amazed at this. I don’t want to sound like I grew up in the stone ages, but my parents have been married for 57 years and it wasn’t until they were married for 40 years that they actually got to have more than 1 bathroom…not to share with their 3 children. They managed and never heard them fuss….

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