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tech overload July 29, 2010

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Over at A Simple Marriage, they’re talking about getting rid of television for a tighter relationship with your honey.  The benefits are pretty obvious: more family time, better relationships, more time for working out, even community service, etc.

I think for The Mister and I, it’d have to be getting rid of phones and laptops, TV’s just too easy.  Who needs television when everything I need is either on my phone or computer?

What do you think?  Would y’all be able to do this sort of thing?  Would you be able to take a technology break?  How long would you and your sweetie pie last?


6 Responses to “tech overload”

  1. Frugalista Says:

    We could but I don’t see the point. We do things together. We talk to each other. We eat meals without the TV on quite a bit. It’s not even always on or the focal point. It keeps us entertained together AND apart so I don’t feel it’s any kind of barrier at all. For us. Now, if it was excessive then it might be something to consider. I do think laptop would be the hardest to give up. Cell not hard-as long as he’s with me!

  2. AM Says:

    well….i see how it can become a problem…we use tv to take the place of hanging out with each other; the same thing can be said for the computer (dont know about the cell)…the thing is this happens over time so yu have to be intentional about carving out time for each other…
    in any event my hubby is a sports nut…so when i suggested we fast from tv during world cup — it didnt happen!!!

  3. Sarah Says:

    We got rid of cable nearly two years ago. Although it changed the WAY we watch movies and television shows, it hasn’t changed how much. Between Netflix, hulu and the cable shows you can purchase individually (Mad Men, for example), we’ve still got a full agenda of stuff we watch together.

    I do think it is important to have times when no television or computer are allowed to make time for other togetherness activities.

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