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coupled up August 1, 2010

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*The Mister’s not White, but I really liked this picture.*

The Mister and I went out with one of our favorite couples last night and just had a blast.  They’re a newly married couple and were “pulling for us” while we were dating, so they’re just over the moon at our marriage…it’s cute.  The Mister and the hubby from the other couple went to college together and me and the wife hit it off right away, so we’ve always had great times together, whether at a nice restaurant or just chilling at home.   I appreciate their friendship because they’re honest with us, not always making marriage sound like it’ll be all daisies and birdies chirping.  It’s nice to have folks who can keep it real, but not scare us off of marriage, lol!!

That got me to thinking about the people we choose to surround ourselves with as couples.  I’m certainly not against having single friends, but I do think it’s a bit different…as does Tiffany in Houston.  Go on over and check out her post called Rules of Engagement…too funny!

Do you have couple friends?  What do y’all do?  How often do you meet up?


2 Responses to “coupled up”

  1. We do have some couple friends that we socialize with and normally we have get togethers or go out to eat. They are more friends of the Mister’s than mine because I have a bunch of single chick friends. But they are very nice and I enjoy spending time with them.

    After we get married, I would like to join the married couples ministry at our church to see if we can meet more like minded folks around our age as well.

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