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naked August 2, 2010

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*That’s not my ring…mine’s prettier, lol!  I couldn’t find my ring pic.*

So I forgot to wear my wedding ring to church yesterday…and it felt weird!!  I kept touching my finger and looking down to realize (again) that I had indeed left it at home.  Usually when I forget it, I go back home and put it on.  But yesterday we were running shamefully late for service and I couldn’t justify going back.

Here’s my little secret…shhhh, don’t tell anyone.  But I love the way my ring looks at church and I have to remind myself to focus on the task at hand sometimes.  The lights hit it just right and that ring just beams and shouts to the world:  Woooo hooooo!!  The Mister loves Dawn!!  So I was bummed that I couldn’t sneak peeks at it during church, but also that folks would wonder about our PDA.  Y’all know church folks and if you give a man an extra long hug, and he’s not your husband, you get the side eye.  And sometimes the side eye with the head shake…it ain’t pretty.  Oh well.  I like to sit close and put my (ringless) hand on his leg, so I’m sure I got lots of extra prayers from strangers yesterday, lol!

Have you forgotten your ring yet?  Doesn’t it feel strange?  Tell me about it!