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naked August 2, 2010

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*That’s not my ring…mine’s prettier, lol!  I couldn’t find my ring pic.*

So I forgot to wear my wedding ring to church yesterday…and it felt weird!!  I kept touching my finger and looking down to realize (again) that I had indeed left it at home.  Usually when I forget it, I go back home and put it on.  But yesterday we were running shamefully late for service and I couldn’t justify going back.

Here’s my little secret…shhhh, don’t tell anyone.  But I love the way my ring looks at church and I have to remind myself to focus on the task at hand sometimes.  The lights hit it just right and that ring just beams and shouts to the world:  Woooo hooooo!!  The Mister loves Dawn!!  So I was bummed that I couldn’t sneak peeks at it during church, but also that folks would wonder about our PDA.  Y’all know church folks and if you give a man an extra long hug, and he’s not your husband, you get the side eye.  And sometimes the side eye with the head shake…it ain’t pretty.  Oh well.  I like to sit close and put my (ringless) hand on his leg, so I’m sure I got lots of extra prayers from strangers yesterday, lol!

Have you forgotten your ring yet?  Doesn’t it feel strange?  Tell me about it!


12 Responses to “naked”

  1. Tazzee Says:

    I forgot my ring once before we got married. I felt naked at work all day. Since then, I go back home if I forget it.

  2. When I wasn’t working, I would have to get up with Mister to drop him off since we are sharing a car right now. I would typically throw on some sweats and put my hair in a pony tail. I didn’t bother to put on my ring cause it was so early in the morning and I was just getting out of one side of the car and then into the other.

    Well, I got hazed about why my ring was on my finger! I got numerous side eyes as well.

    Now, I put my ring on to go get gas. LOL!!

  3. beka Says:

    I feel that way about my ring at the movie theatre- something about the way the light catches it juuuuuuust right 😉

  4. Jameil Says:

    LOL @ extra long prayers from strangers!!! HUSSY!!! I don’t have a ring but I’m sure I’ll mentally chastise myself regularly for staring at it when I’m supposed to be paying attention!

  5. Frugalista Says:

    I love my rings and hate to be without them! It really sucks to get them re sized or serviced and they take them away for up to two weeks. That’s the way it works where we bought them and have the lifetime warranty.

  6. Kemi Says:

    Ohemgee! I do the exact same thing in church! Sometimes the hubster will also get mesmerized by the ring and I’ll catch him staring at it. I can’t believe other people do this too! I just thought it was us being weird…lol.

    I totally understand the church look cuz whenever I hug the mister extra tight or we hold hands like we frequently do while seated in church I’m so conscious about making sure my ring finger is visible so they don’t think we’re just two young ones canoodling in church. hahaha.

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