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fire starters August 14, 2010

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I love to grill.  I mean I really love to grill…I’m pretty sure I haven’t cooked one meal in the house this summer.  I just believe that summer was made for grilling.   Also, as I’ve written on here before, I have a love affair with charcoal…boy does it make food tasty!

But hold the phone!  When I was buying more charcoal the other day, I ran across the things that are pictured in the photos above.  They’re fire starters and they. are. amazing!  It takes a quick moment to light it up and it stays lit for about fifteen or twenty minutes…plenty of time to get a high quality fire going.  The set up is just like normal.  Pyramid your charcoals, just put the fire starter at the bottom of the pyramid and leave an open space so that you can reach it with your lighter/match.

Not only does your food taste better, because you’re not adding chemicals to the coals in order to get them started, it’s easy!  I’d always resisted the chimneys that some people use to start without lighter fluid because that’s just another step in the process.  The fire starters don’t require any extra effort and you’ll still get the tasty results.

When I used these last week, my first thought was, “I’ve got to send these to everyone I know!!”  So that’s impossible, but I probably will send them to my mother and brother…who’ve got the grilling bug just like I do.  They’ll be amazed and then think I’m super awesome.  Anyhoo, if you get a chance to try them (or some other version of fire starter that’s out there), I’d highly recommend it.

What’s your lighter fluid-free way to grill out on your charcoal grill?  I’m sure there are other ideas out there that I haven’t heard of.