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wishes and things August 19, 2010

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Things I don’t get

  • Homeless people with dogs.  I went to Walgreen’s the other day and there was a dude outside who was clearly homeless asking for money…and he had a dog sitting next to him with a little water dish and food on the ground.  Seriously?  So you can’t take care of yourself, but you can take care of a dog and you want me to give you my loot?  Try again, partner.
  • Moms with neck tattoos.  Some friends of ours pointed out this trend to me and now I can’t stop seeing it!  One second you see a cute little kid and the next you see them calling for Mommy and here comes ole girl with “Hot Tamale” printed in cursive on her neck.  *shaking head*
  • People wearing camouflage.  Are you off to war?  Are you huntin’?  If your answer was no to both of those questions…I just don’t understand.

Things that I wish I could do

  • Wear skinny jeans.  I’m not a big person, but I sure look like one in those jeans!  When I see them on other ladies, they’re so cute…on me, they’re fatty jeans.
  • Dance like the people on So You Think You Can Dance.  They’re amazing…I really love that show.  They’re such well-trained and amazing and skilled dancers…awesome!  Plus they have to take such risks week after week, it has to be hard and thrilling all at the same time.
  • Not get tickled during a pedicure.  I love getting my toes done and the massage and just having someone else dote on me.  Until they get to that part where they scrub the bottom of my feet.  Then I’m making faces and trying not to squirm…and I’m pretty sure the lady doing my feet laughs at me on top of everything.

Thing I’m happy I have

  • Health.  I know it sounds cheesy, but so many things can go sideways in this lifetime and I’m blessed to be basically healthy as a horse.
  • Beer in the fridge.  When I get home, I’m cracking on of those suckers open…I’ve been working like a field slave around here and it’s time to get a tasty beverage.
  • Other marriage blogs.  I don’t have a ton of married homies, so I’ve learned tons from other ladies online…y’all are the best!

Anything you want to add to any of the lists?


20 Responses to “wishes and things”

  1. Frugalista Says:

    I am a major beer lover. Isn’t that first sip after a long day of work the best?

  2. courtnee Says:

    Things I don’t get: people that let their kids act a fool in public. When my kids got unruly we went home.Period. I don’t negogiate with three year olds!

    Things I wish I could do: Play the cello. I’m not sure why but that is one the things to do on my “bucket list”.

    Things I’m happy to have: my hubby. I know it sounds super cheesy but I’m so happy that I found someone that loves me and more importantly “gets”me. I feel supremely blessed!

  3. K. Rock Says:

    Remember that moms with neck tatoos were once teeneagers with neck tatoos. You will see more and more of this type of thing as the teens today grow up and have kids.

    I am also thankful to be healthy. Many people take that for granted.

    I am also thankful for my husband. He is amazing and there is not a day that I don’t want to be with him….ok I’m finished being sappy now.

    P.S. Hope your “date” went well a couple of weekends ago!!!

  4. buhdoop Says:

    I wish I could take a good picture while dancing. My photos always look crazy. How do those celebrities do it?

  5. You know I sometimes wish that I could “get down” like the people on So You Think You Can Dance. I decided that I can pretend, so I signed me and the Mrs. up for some Chicago Steppers classes here in Atlanta and Salsa.

    I can’t get down with beer. I have never managed to get the taste to be appreciated by my palate. It tastes like I imagine pee would taste.

    • We took a couple stepping lessons, because we got it into our heads that we’d do it for our first dance at the wedding. Well, we were awful, lol! We’re just not cool enough for steppin’. And hey, don’t be talking bad about beer…that’s some good stuff. (LOL @ pee!)

  6. Tiffany Says:

    Something I wish I had the courage to do is to splurge on a designer bag. I have a Coach purse, but hubby bought it for me. Sometimes I see women with these beautiful bags and I’m like, “How can they afford these?” I make a pretty good living, but I just can’t justify spending over $100 on a purse. I’d rather buy groceries! But one of these days I’ll have to treat myself to a nice Dolce & Gabbana or Louis Vuitton. I deserve it. Until then, I’ll stick to TJ Maxx and Marshalls. They have cute bags, no? lol

    • I can’t do it either girl. I spent $200 on one once and was kicking myself over it for months. I’m just too cheap. *shaking head*

    • Sarah Says:

      I buy one expensive, leather, classic purse every 3 years or so. I love it, and I feel like I get my money’s worth because I only splurge on my everyday purse. If I bought a cheap purse, I would be replacing it often enough to make up the difference in cost.

      • You know, you’re probably right because I end up buying a new $100 purse every year. I just don’t know if I’ve got the discipline to NOT buy one every year.

  7. Emily Says:

    I wish I could just dance. I swear I have two left feet and no coordination at all. It would be lovely to be able to dance and have fun without feeling like a fool.

  8. Jameil Says:

    Beer is delicious. Sometimes homeless people get free food w/their dogs. You know some people like dogs more than people. I always get tickled during a pedicure!! The tatt clearly should’ve said Caliente Tamale! LOLOL

  9. NJ Says:

    Hi & a big congrats on your marriage! I so enjoy reading your posts. The “homeless people with dogs” line really struck a cord with me. Few of us can imagine how isolating, how valueless it must feel to be homeless. No one cares enough to love you, hire you, befriend you, shelter you. You are almost invisible, yet everyone feels free to judge you harshly. No one’s life is disrupted if you don’t wake up in the morning. In short, no. one. cares. A dog, however, changes the equation. A dog is a great companion. A dog loves you regardless of your socioeconomic or psychological status. A dog needs you to wake up in the morning, even if only to feed him. Suddenly, amidst everything else in your life that is so bleak, you have one little spark of value because of the love a dog. Wow, if only everyone in need could have a dog.

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