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an ode to autumn August 21, 2010

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Booooy, it’s football season y’all!  I know there are only preseason games on now, but I’ll take what I can get.  I love hearing that NFL theme song, it just gets my heart to humming.  I can watch it on tv or I can listen to it on the radio, but however I get it, I need my football fix.  I know that I can’t be the only lady out there who loves her pigskin weekends.  And as much as I love the tactics, the athleticism, and the emotion of the game…I like the way the dudes look in their uniforms just as much!  Shhhh…don’t tell The Mister.

But I learned to love the game as a young girl, sitting on my dad’s lap (he was a former collegiate football player, just like The Mister) and hollering at the tv with him.  He would patiently explain the different offensive packages to me and why this or that player was doing what he was doing.  And when we’d visit family, and the ladies were in the kitchen gossiping about whatever, I just wanted to be in the living room with the guys, watching the game and debating the merits of who was the better running back or corner.

These days, The Mister and I can spend all day Sunday with the games on and both of us are happy.  I enjoy hustling back from church and lazing around with him, watching the games.  Him, getting work done on the computer with one eye on the game.  Me, looking through the Sunday paper while getting dinner cooked, with one eye on the game.  Or, when I’ve begged enough to wear him down…heading to get wings and watching all the games at once.  Sheer joy at the football overload!

So welcome football season and welcome autumn.  To me, they’re one and the same.


18 Responses to “an ode to autumn”

  1. Toya Says:

    I agree…Football season is a great time of the year. Me & my Boo were on vacation last week and one of the things we did was attend the Seattle Seahawks and Tennessee Titians preseason game. Neither one of us are fans of either team (we are a house divided when it comes to football; the Steelers is my squad & the Rams is the boo’s squad), but we enjoyed the game all the same. Being in the stadium and stands, the clashing of equipment, & the roars of the crowd bring pure excitement to us.

    Go Steelers!!!!!

  2. Frugalista Says:

    I FINALLY got on board and started learning the game about 2 years ago. Now, I like it. i am not a major fan but i enjoy sitting down and watching it with MJ.

  3. Debra Says:

    Hi ya’ll! I love Football. The men may have their cheerleaders, but us gals, think real hard now, have our “Tight Ends”! And more! We are Charger Fans, Go Bolts! Yes, I have my own outfits, etc. I learned the game from my two brothers, and others. My husband and I enjoy watching the game together and we just lost our first pre-season, but honey, I don’t want my Tight Ends injured, so I don’t mind that they don’t bust fanny too hard. I also enjoy my Cowboys, being from Texas, a transplant, but in my Heart and Soul. So I how a lot of outfits. hahaha!
    My Bob has the Monday night Football song as his cell phone ringer, and it gets your blood pumpin alright dawlin’s! Good Luck to all this Season. Heck, I am still in Baseball mode too. Our Padres are our baseball team, and we are in the lead in the West. It’s been a fun year for Baseball too.
    I was a softball player for years as a youngster, not that I am an oldster, but a few years back. hahaha. Good to be back on to say howdy to all. Praying all is great with our Happy Nappy Couple. Will talk soon Mrs.

  4. I am sitting here commenting on your blog right now, while he drinks Miller Lite and plays Madden 11. Enough said! LOL!

  5. buhdoop Says:

    I can’t wait for the regular season to start as well. College and pro!

  6. Karen Says:

    Old Dude is a super football fan. Including 3 fantasy leagues. I watch for the cold beer and hot wings. When we picked our wedding date, he was like…”you do know that Billy andTC {his best friends} are mad because we are getting married on a Sunday so they;ll have to miss the late game to attend the wedding”.

  7. beka Says:

    YES! I agree, love football, love fall, cannot wait for it all to be here

  8. Tazzee Says:

    I love, love, love football. This is my 9th year having season tickets with the girls. My hubby was on the practice squad with the Rams back in the day. But he prefers high school and college football over the NFL.

    This will be our second season together. Last season it was hard on the days he didn’t go to the game. Luckily one of the girls in our group rarely uses her tickets. This year, homegames will be my girls day out.

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