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real talk: marriage remix August 28, 2010

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Here’s a link to a great article titled, “8 Things No One Tells You About Marriage“…it’s a good one, check it out!  I’ve been having that I-suck-at-this-being-a-wife-thing feeling and it made me feel much better.  Here’s a quote from the end of the article (with my thoughts included):

But I am completely clear in the knowledge that many of the deepest frustrations in your relationship are an opportunity for you to confront yourself (from Dawn:  Ewww, who wants to do that?!). That can be difficult to accept (from Dawn: Ya think?!)— after all, it’s so much more comforting to keep a running tab of your hubby’s deficits (from Dawn:  Got my list right here!) and tell yourself that his failings are the only thing standing between you and a better marriage (from Dawn:  They’re not?). But if you let it, this bumpy journey toward self-awareness (from Dawn:  Self-awareness is for suckers) can be one of the more fulfilling rewards of a committed, long-term relationship — you’ll learn to love your quirks (from Dawn: My “quirks” are pretty annoying and I wonder why anyone is my friend, let alone how I got someone to marry me!) and be compassionate toward yourself (from Dawn: I could probably use a little of that compassion), just as you’re learning to do with him.

That’s the strange beauty of marriage: It’s full of hard times (from Dawn: Full?!!!!  Sheesh!) and hard lessons that no one can ever prepare you for (from Dawn:  seriously…NO ONE). But in the end, those are the things that give richness to your life together (from Dawn:  I agree.  The Mister knew about me and my quirks and still wanted to be with me.  He loves me and my annoying habits.) — and make your love even deeper and stronger than when it began (from Dawn:  I want that!!).

Anyhoo, check out the article, then come back and let me know what you thought.


8 Responses to “real talk: marriage remix”

  1. am Says:

    where’s the link?

  2. Jameil Says:

    I know you’re superwoman and all… But how on earth did you possibly think you would become the model wife in under 3 mos.? I know you knew things would pop out that no one ever tells you but… I guess what I’m trying to say is STOP BEING SO HARD ON YOURSELF!! You just needed to post this so we could give you some perspective, huh? I get it. Been there, done that.

    You’re in it for the next 50-70 years [boy, you guys are shooting for some serious longevity! :)] aka forever. If you mess up some things in the first few weeks/months/years, you have PLENTY of time to fix it. 50 years from now you’ll be like, now what was it I was upset about?? THAT?? And have a chuckle about it. It’ll be so cute. You can console your newly-married grandkids. In closing, in the long run, none of this will matter as anything but an example of how you always knew your love (& perseverance) would conquer it all!

  3. Being a wife is, at times, incredibly hard, but I think growing at it is part of the beauty of marriage, and makes you a better person overall {including outside of your marriage}.

    That’s a great article, with awesome insight. Love stuff like that. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  4. Tazzee Says:

    Great article. I need to keep it around for future reference.

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