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Now I get it September 2, 2010

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I used to read articles in magazines about wives who said that the sexiest thing that their hubby could do would be to help around the house and I’d think…and that’s why I’m not married, lol!!  I would think, how on Earth is cleaning sexy…or even cute for that matter?

But now I get it.  When I get home from a long twelve or thirteen hour day at the office and The Mister has vacuumed or done the laundry, I just wish he was wearing those breakaway pants (like the basketball guys wear) so that we could get down to business right there!  I understand that it’s not about the cleaning, but the meaning behind it.  He’s cleaning because he knows that it’s important to me and that I value a clean house.  He’s putting my feelings first and I appreciate him for that!  There’s something to knowing that there’s another person in this world who’s got your back and wants to be there for you.  It’s pretty awesome, I’m not gonna lie.

I already know what I’m getting The Mister for Christmas:  breakaway pants!!