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Out of the closet September 7, 2010

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*stepping up to microphone*  Okay folks.  It’s time that I come clean…and it’s not going to be pretty.  I, Dawn, *clearing throat* *heavy sigh* really like Lifetime movies.  There!  I said it!  And yes, I know that they are all variances on the same theme:

  • A high school girl has a huge crush on her hot teacher and when he doesn’t reciprocate, she goes super crazy.
  • An older married woman puts it on a younger man and when he tries to make it serious and she doesn’t want to, he goes super crazy.
  • A married man has an affair and when he won’t leave his wife, his mistress goes super crazy.
  • Sometimes they use younger folks as their subject (Young & Out of Control!…seriously, that was a theme one week); a young girl gets sick of getting teased and picked on and goes super crazy on her classmates.
  • Sometimes they use a holiday as a theme (like yesterday: Going Into Labor Day, all movies about ladies who are preggers).  I missed most of them yesterday because I had to work, but the one I saw?  Perfection!  A young couple falls in love, has a whirlwind romance, gets married too soon and then the woman finds out her hubby is super crazy and used her old boyfriend to impregnate her so that he could gain his inheritance.  Seriously…I am NOT making this up!

The common denominator?  Super crazy!  If there’s no craziness involved, then it’s not a Lifetime movie.  My name is Dawn and I’m here to say: long live Lifetime movies!