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Marriage advice from a business consultant? Read on! September 11, 2010

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This is the continuation of the previous post based on an article comparing how similar marriages are to business partnerships called, 15 Steps for Successful Strategic Alliances (and Marriages)”. When I first read it, I was struck by how similar the two relationships are…obviously there are differences, but there are a lot of crossing points.  If we add a whole bunch of love to these business ideas, maybe our marriages will benefit.

Spread involvement. Create more ties for more people. I like this one, because a marriage isn’t just the two people…it’s our families and friends as well.  Back in the day, it really did take a village to nourish marriages and families…now we’re all so separated.  I wonder if that’s hurting marriages…especially newbie marriages.

Build organizational bridges — formal structures. She’s talking about reporting structures, but what if we built in formal “meeting” time with our hubby’s…where we could talk about how things are going?  So then it wouldn’t be a “we need to talk” uh-oh time, but a “we always talk” less stressful time.

Respect differences. “Alliances are most helpful when they involve differences — when partners give each other something they do not already have.”  How about that quotation?  <sarcasm> That’s a toughie for me since I’m always right and how could anyone have a different opinion…but maybe it’s helpful information for you people.  </sarcasm>

Teach partners. Learn from partners. This one comes from a place of respect.  Meaning you understand and value the knowledge that your partner has…and actually listen to them.  For me, this one has been pretty important.  The Mister is super knowledgeable about internet stuff (social media, internet marketing, personal branding, yada, yada, yada) and I’m not…so his know-how has been instrumental in my increasing my presence in my work industry.  I told him yesterday he’s on my Dream Team: folks instrumental to my goal of world domination.

Be prepared to change yourself. “Partners must be willing to be influenced by one another.  This can mean learning the other’s language and style or inventing a new one; changing to the other’s system or creating a joint one.”  Like I said on the other post, this lady could be a marriage counselor!

Help everyone win. My goal is for The Mister to think, “boy am I happy I married Dawn…she’s the greatest lady God ever made and I’m the luckiest man alive.”  I’d say that makes him a winner!  I know that I’m a winner because I think he’s one fantastic dude.

Get closer, change course, or exit gracefully. Yay to getting closer and changing course (when necessary), but boo to exiting gracefully.  I think we should expect to change and evolve over the course of our lives.  We just need to be sure we understand that changes will happen within each person…people evolve so relationships should as well.

So there are the 15 steps…what did you think about them?  Obviously some of them just don’t fit in the context of marriage, but I thought a lot of them did translate over.