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Lions vs. Bears September 12, 2010

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No, this post isn’t about The Wizard of Oz (lions and tigers and bears, oh my!), but about my conundrum of the weekend.  You see, later on today, the Detroit Lions will play the Chicago Bears and I’m a Lions fans (which is unfortunate because they’re the world’s worst team!) and The Mister is for the Bears.  Normally it’s not such a big deal, because Detroit is so awful that it normally doesn’t matter…but this year they might actually be alright.  And I think the Bears have the potential to be a train wreck.

If the Lions win, can I gloat?  The problem is that The Mister can’t really gloat because Detroit is so bad…but if my team wins?  That’s struttin’ around material right there!

So stay tuned…I’ll wear my Lions blue to church today, I think.


4 Responses to “Lions vs. Bears”

  1. Jameil Says:

    If the Lions win, you’re SUPPOSED to gloat!

  2. pinksun Says:

    Wow I knew there was a reason I liked reading your blog so much!! I too am a Lions fan. My excuse is my Dad is one and has been one his whole life (he is 82) He even remembers when the Lions won championships in the 1950’s. So how did the blue and silver curse get put on you?

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