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Are you keeping it up? September 14, 2010

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Back in the pre-wedding days, I wrote about my wedding workout and trying to whip myself into shape for the big day…you can read about it here.  I’ll admit to not keeping up with it, I can honestly say that I haven’t been to the gym since May!  I need to figure out how to get it in though, because my work hours are so crazy that a little exercise would do my brain good.

Looking back, are you happy with your wedding weight?  Were you too skinny?  Too big?  Or just right?  What advice would you give to ladies getting ready to get married about their weight?

When I look back, I’m happy with what I did because I didn’t focus on getting thin (though that did need to happen in order for me to fit into my dress), but strong.  I’ve always loved the way muscles look on me and that feeling of being strong.  So why haven’t I kept it up, you ask?  Because I never do, lol!  I put together lifting plans in twelve week increments…do a couple of those, take the summer off, and just walk on the treadmill during my season and that takes care of the year.  So really all I’ve skipped is my treadmill walks…but those help me sort through whatever work issues I’m having and I enjoy the time by myself.  I need to figure out how to get it in.

If you could talk to ladies who are about to seal the deal about working out and wedding weight, what would you say?  Besides the fact that it’s physically impossible for a bride not to be radiant…what advice do you have?


10 Responses to “Are you keeping it up?”

  1. Karen Says:

    My motivation came from the fact that I turned 40 and was like OMG, I will not be “fat and forty” and with my family history of obesity and heart disease, I am working against nature. Then the engagement came and I am on an extra mission to look my personal best. To brides I say, it really can help keep you focused and stress free. I find when I’m exercising, I’m “in the zone” and I put aside the stress even it it’s for 30 min! I will def keep it up, I find that I sleep better, am less likely to eat junk, and just generally feel better when I’m working out regularly.

  2. Frugalista Says:

    I too have had a rough time making exercise part of my lifestyle. I didn’t used to be this way! I used to exercise religiously. Pre wedding I didn’t work out-until about 2 weeks before. What did I really think I was going to accomplish? People think I’m slim. I don’t, but I realistically know I’m not fat so finding that motivation is hard. Exercise is about health and being strong like you said. I need to do it-but to put it simply I am lazy! And I hate that so I need to change it I just can’t figure out how! It needs to be a lifestyle change not a phase in order for me to stay consistent.

  3. AM Says:

    here’s my motivation: growing up I hated how women got married and seem to no longer care about their looks. I determined from way back then that was not going to be me. So, through thick and thin, many children, jobs, and whatever else life hands me, I always make time to exercise. Sometimes I go to the gym, sometimes I walk, sometimes I incorporate the children and use them as free weights (right now my 7 yr old sits on my stomach while I do situps at night)…whatever it takes, I’m getting at in. Thank God gyms now have chidcare, because I used to take all of them to the gym with me in the evening after a long days work.
    I know my husband likes the fact that I take care of myself; it motivates him also.
    BL – do it for yourself.

  4. Jameil Says:

    Since I’m not engaged yet, I’m currently focused on getting fly because I wanna!! Plus personal training on campus is cheap so workout? Don’t mind if I do!! I’m currently sore and contemplating ways I can a) be less sore and b) skip tomorrow’s workout? DON’T DO IT! RECONSIDER! I promise I’m going.

  5. faith Says:

    i really enjoy working out. my issue is what i put in my darn mouth. i loved my wedding weight. i was at my “happy weight.” wish i could go back but based on my current eating habits there is no way i am getting there anytime soon.

    my only advice is to drink lots of water, eat well and excercise. that is the only thing that keeps the weight off and you looking and feeling your best! wish i would listen to myself!

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