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Money: pile it, eat it, or bury it? September 19, 2010

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It’s that time of the year…squirrels everywhere.  I mean everywhere!  And I just think they are too cute.  Whenever I walk around, I see squirrels darting around, eating acorns, burying acorns, saving acorns…they are on a mission.  And I can’t be the only one who wants to run around after them, right?  I love watching them and seeing their cute, furry little tails flicking in the air.

But they got me to thinking the other day that I need to be more like them.  I’m a saver by nature, but I’ve gotten away from it since the wedding.  Pre-wedding, I had five figures saved up for a rainy day (because I’m inexplicably worried about said day of rain), but post-wedding?  I’ve only got a couple pennies clanging around in there.  The Mister and I have to get to work and be like those squirrels!  We should still be able to spend some money like the squirrels still eat their acorns…but they never stop putting nuts away for the future.  Some of our money has to be buried in investments and annuities not to be touched for a while, but some of it has to be piled up (still using our squirrel metaphor here folks) in a savings account for easy access.

I think we’ve got a plan together, but this is a tough time to start thinking about saving.  Just coming off of our wedding and honeymoon…and Christmas is literally right around the corner.  *sigh*  What do you and your honey do about rainy days?