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lights, camera, action September 23, 2010

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So I’d planned on posting up pics of my hair so that you can see what I’m doing with it since the wedding.  I haven’t cut it, but I did get a significant trim, so it’s a bit shorter.  Though you’d never know it because I put it up everyday.  I wore it down to work last week and the other ladies marveled at how long it was and I told them that I hate the way hair feels.  It’s true!  When it’s down, it’s in my face and on my shoulders and just generally in the way…annoying!  Anyhoo, I asked The Mister to take some pics and of the ten or so that he took, only a couple turned out…sort of.  It was pretty funny though, so, here are the…

Top 5 Things That Were Said The Most While Taking These Pictures

  1. How do I work this thing?
  2. Why am I taking these pictures?
  3. Why are you putting them on your blog?
  4. Ewww…that’s ugly, take another one!
  5. How come I don’t see the fl– *click*  Dangit!

So there were lots of giggles and pictures of me mid sentence…it was pretty funny.  Anyhoo, this is what my hair looks like, though you can’t really see it (which is why we kept taking pictures).

Remember this was supposed to be a pic of my hair?  So why don’t we see any hair here?  Try again!

Too far away to see the curlies and whatnot, but this is the gist…naps swept up into a bun (though some of my bobby pins had come out).

So that’s what I’m doing…it’s good for work and easy to put up at night, so it’s working out so far!  What happened to your wedding hair?  Did you go for the big chop?  Are you keeping it long?


6 Responses to “lights, camera, action”

  1. Frugalista Says:

    I’m growing mine out. I miss my long hair so I REFUSE to cut it even though sometimes I see a short cut and think the grass is greener over there.

  2. K. Rock Says:

    Love your hair! Looks great.

  3. NATALIE Says:

    I admire your creativity. My hair looks like the back of your hair…but it’s all over and because I cannot decide what else to do, I simply keep patting it down – it appears to be a REALLY thick “fro.” Im considering borrowing from you and brushing it in front and see what happens. Do you use a certain kind of brush. If I use anything, it’s a pick! followed by more patting. This may be asking too much, but, what do you use, and how often, to clean your hair. Do you add conditioner? Im in my 60s and want to take care of what I have. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hey Natalie,
      I don’t comb or brush my hair unless I’m about to wash it, otherwise I just use my fingers for styling. I don’t pat my hair down too much, but I do use a mess of bobby pins! Right now, I’m washing my hair once every two weeks and I really like my washing method. First I detangle with a leave in conditioner by sectioning my hair in quarters. Then I comb through it and clip it. I wash it while in the shower and go section by section, washing it in a downward (not circular, that’ll tangle it all up!) motion and condition. Towel dry (again, in a downward motion) and braid to sit underneath the dryer for about an hour, then I bantu knot and another hour under the dryer. And that’s that.

      I use Pantene products and an olive oil hair lotion…it’s worked well so far.

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