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I heart football September 28, 2010

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The Mister is a huge Chicago Bears fan, so we went out to watch the Bears Packers game last night and I was trying to be a gamer and wear the Bears colors (orange & blue)…but he accused me of wearing yellow.  Does that look like yellow?  Hmmmpft!  The funny part was that while I was giving him grief about being color-blind, the first thing someone says to me was some comment about me wearing Packers colors.  What?!!  That’s orange, right?!

Then I got to thinking about what The Mister’s poor football life has turned into since he watches games with me.  I love the sport because I’m a coach and I enjoy watching the tactical nature of sport, but I don’t know the game in and out or anything.  So these are things I said last night while watching the game:

  • Oh my goodness, that dude is huge!  *poking with finger to get his attention*
  • Lovie needs a size bigger pants.
  • That dude sucks, why don’t they take him out?
  • Dear God, that dude is gigantic!! *The Mister rolls his eyes at this one and reminds me that they are football players*
  • Why does he keep making that same mistake?
  • Why don’t they just tackle him, he’s standing right there?

And this was just last night…every weekend there are a new series of questions for him.  He hasn’t stopped watching with me yet, so I guess that’s a good sign!

Do you watch with your honey?


6 Responses to “I heart football”

  1. Frugalista Says:

    I do! Finally made that effort to figure out the rules about 2 years ago. I understand whats going on but when I have questions he always knows the answers. I can’t watch ALL DAY but I like it that we can watch together.

  2. jameil1922 Says:

    He pretty much watches whatever I watch. So… I’m probably worse. Lol. Not that I want to be. Looks yellow to me but it could be the lighting… but it’s probably yellow. LOLOL

  3. Tazzee Says:

    Yes and watching football together is so much fun! Fortunately for him, I know the game and because in a fantasy football fanatic, I know more of the players than he does.

    I did watch the game with a friend that’s fairly football illiterate this past Sunday and I can sympathize with the men.

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