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Are you the “good” house? October 7, 2010

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So the paper from my old stomping grounds (H-town) rated Halloween candy…more specifically, they rated the worst five Halloween candies that you can hand out.  See if you agree.

5.  Hard butterscotch candy. While I do think these candies are tasty and yummy and remind me of my younger days…I’m pretty sure you’ll get a disappointed face from whatever little tyke you try to give these to.

4.  Wax bottles. You remember those right?  They’re those waxy things with liquid sugar water in them.  I never got those and I’d consider myself a candy connoisseur.  You can’t eat the wax but you’ve got to get thru it to get to the sugar…not worth the effort.

3.  Candy corn and pumpkins. Whoa, whoa, whoa…this is a party foul!  These are the cornerstones of Halloween candies.  Does it even feel like Halloween without candy corns?  This may be an overreaction because I’ve already mowed through like five bags of candy corn/pumpkins/autumn mix…but I think they’re pretty tasty and Halloweeny.  No lie, I was just looking for mini bags to hand out…and I stand by that decision!

2.  Tootsie rolls. I’ve never been a tootsie fan, but I know a lot of folks are…I think it’s a solid handout for Halloween.

1.  Peanut butter taffy. Blech!  You know the ones…that nasty *ss candy in the black and orange wrappers.  This candy is a trick…you get all excited for yummy and what you get is pure nasty.  But I hear that there are those that actually like this crap…and Bit-O-Honey too.  These candies are destined to be part of a trade if you hand them out.

What they left out: the non-candies…apples, raisins, pennies, pretzels.  Kids don’t want those!  Give them candy and let their parents worry about their teeth and their health.  Your job is to answer the door bell and hand out sugar, plain and simple.

The moral of the story is…hand out chocolate, lol!  You can hand out anything else you want as long as you’ve got a Twix mixed up in there too.  What do you think?  Do you and your honey hand out candy?  How long to you keep the light on?  Do you hand out to teenagers?


14 Responses to “Are you the “good” house?”

  1. Frugalista Says:

    Another blogger posted about Candy corn the other day. She likes it too and I didn’t know anybody REALLY did! I have to agree with that being on the worst list. This is my first year in like 10 years that I will be able to give out candy!

  2. The fact that they included candy corn on the list is pure blasphemy!! i can’t with the Press for doing that!!! That is WRONG!!!!!

    Candy corn is the best Halloween candy EVAR!!

  3. No teenagers – that’s just plain ridiculous (am I wrong?) but yes, other than that we do hand out candy. If you’re gonna do it I figure treat them with the worst of the worst (or the best if you’re a kid.) We do for blow pops and jolly ranchers.

    • I work with college students and they told me they were going trick or treating…can you believe it?!!! Grown *ss folks at your doorstep talking about, “trick or treat”. *shaking head*

  4. MrsTDJ Says:

    Hooray for this list!! I absolutely hate candy corn. We used to look at the neighbors who gave out candy corn with such looks of disappointment. *lol* Yes, at my house we give out Kit Kats and M&Ms.

    We keep the light on until about 9. I only give candy to teenagers who are in costume. And none of that, “I’m a teenager.”, “I’m a student”, etc. No real costume, no candy.

  5. Tiffany Says:

    Last year was our first Halloween as homeowners. We had planned on being out of town, but ended up having to stay home and hand out my own personal bite size Kit Kats to trick-or-treaters. I try to follow a very simple rule: only hand out candy/treats that I’d want to receive if I were out trick or treating. And that pretty much means I stick to chocolate lol!

  6. Amy Says:

    My absolute favorite thing about the month of October is that candy corn appears in the grocery stores. No lie. I can eat a whole bag of the stuff by myself! They are a Halloween staple!

  7. datGurl! Says:

    shyt these kids are shrewd these days. in my (our?) day we would have been happy to have all that stuff up there. but now days these kids want 99 cent bars of chocolate, “toffifay” and all that expensive shyt. kid asked me last year did I have a dollar coz ‘the lady down the street is givin out $1dollar bills! (I wanted to walk down there and kick her ass-frontin like that. I wonder how much money she ended up givin out-IF the lil brat wasnt runnin game on me!)

    this economy is kickin mine so this year, tho I hate it, I wont be handin ANYTHING out the door (let alone money!). I dont want one of these lil gangsters to diss me if I had them an apple or an orange…

    (*ducks outta post**)

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