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Free weekend! October 14, 2010

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Since I work in athletics, nights and weekends are always busy for me…except this weekend.  I’m working tomorrow night, them I’m off Saturday and Sunday.  You have to understand that I haven’t two days off in a row since early August…so I’m stoked!  The Mister will be gallivanting around Madison because one of his groomsmen has tickets to the Ohio State/Wisconsin game (yes, he’s going to a football game featuring the #1 team in the country…jerk!), so I’m on my own on Saturday night.

So ladies…what should I do?



8 Responses to “Free weekend!”

  1. jameil1922 Says:

    Work and clean shouldn’t even be in your vocabulary!! Puhlease!!

  2. Frugalista Says:

    Enjoy this free weekend. You deserve it. Oh, how I treasure mine.

  3. AM Says:

    invite girlfriends over, then do whatever comes naturally – talk, eat, drink – perhaps they may help you clean because cleaning by yourself is no fun – but with girlfriends and drinks…who knows!!!
    unless you’re a loner – then sleep or watch tv..the only thing that would appeal to me on your survey is reading a good book on the porch…
    enjoy your 2 free nights!

  4. Tiffany Says:

    When my hubby is away, I usually have 2 options to fill my spare time.
    1. Spend an evening with the girls. Nothing major – just hang out at one of our home’s with some wine, finger foods & good conversation.
    2. Put on some sweats, curl up on the couch with a good book or movie, and some dinner. So relaxing! And the time goes by super slow, which I definetely like!

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