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slip & slide November 4, 2010

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Those are our rings and in May of 2010, they fit great.  Now…not so much!  The problem with summer weddings in the north is that we have to wear those same rings in the winter…and our fingers shrink due to the cold.

I was putting on my clothes the other day and my ring went flying off.  The Mister is afraid to wear his to work because it’s super loose.  *sigh*

Has anyone else had this problem?  What did you do?


8 Responses to “slip & slide”

  1. Mrs. K Says:

    Wow, I love your ring. It’s gorgeous and so unique. I live in the South and it stays warm for a while so I’m not having that problem yet. Around January though I do notice that my rings are looser but I usually don’t do anything about it. I guess you can buy those metal spacer thingies that they sell in jewelery stores. Also be careful when you are washing your hands so they don’t fall down the drain. That’s one of my fears. Well let me know if you come up with any better ideas 🙂

  2. jameil1922 Says:

    Wow! I had no idea that was a phenomenon.

  3. Frugalista Says:

    I have big knuckles so my rings tend to twist around a bit but those big knuckles is probably what keeps it on when the seasons change. I do notice I like the way they fit better in summer. I tried those ring things you add on to tighen a fit and they are not the business so I wouldn’t even suggest that. It might be best to just get it resized now it while it’s cold and changes are your fingers won’t swell up that much in the summer so it’s too tight. You can’t risk loosing ’em.

  4. Sarah Says:

    I’m having the same problem with my engagement ring — and I live in California! We had my rings resized in March, and during the summer, my ring was snug to the point where it cut off circulation in my hand at night and I had to switch it to my right hand at bedtime. Now, my ring just swings around my finger and I’m afraid that I’m going to damage the basket.

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