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Grammar 101 November 14, 2010

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Pajama pants.

That phrase seems to be so confusing to people, so let me break it down.  “Pants” is the noun of the phrase…the main subject.  While “pajama” is the adjective, giving more meaning to its noun…pants.  Much like a ball gown is to be worn at balls and a baseball uniform is to be worn at baseball games…pajama pants are to be worn to bed.

So why (why????) are so many people wearing them out and about?

Is the fact that the word “pants” is in the phrase throwing people off?  If you’re not a small child who’s parent dragged out of bed to go shopping or a hungover college student…then you know better than to wear pajamas outside of the house.  I just don’t think putting on a pair of jeans is that much effort and it completely raises the comfort level of those strangers around you…am I the only one put off by seeing strangers in their pajamas?

Let’s do better people!  Who’s with me?!


10 Responses to “Grammar 101”

  1. am Says:

    Well, I’m guilty – but I don’t think my pajamas pants look like pajama pants…and pj pants are much easier to put on than jeans.
    Now just to clarify, I dont do this on a regular basis – more like once or twice a year – and its really when I dont give a hoot and I dont care who sees me. I try to make my face look good though so no one’s focused on the pjs..
    Yes I know, I’m protesting way too much – which means I cant take up this cause with you :).

  2. Mrs. K Says:

    I feel you on this one. I can’t stand adults looking sloppy–that’s why I don’t wear clothes from the Gap (but I guess that’s for another discussion). I think I tried to do this while I was in middle school and my family almost killed me for wearing “night clothes” outside. LOL

  3. jameil1922 Says:

    MEEEEEEEEEEE!!! End the pj pants madness!!!

  4. isha Says:

    Guilty! but not too ashamed.

    My favorite pants to wear are my pajama pants. Really. I don’t wear them out of the house without a TREMENDOUSLY good reason, but they’re uber comfortable.


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