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Gobble, gobble November 16, 2010

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FYI: Not my family.


Just got finished chatting with The Mister and his fam is coming over for Thanksgiving dinner (then we’ll get up at the crack of dawn on Friday and go to my fam’s house for a Thanksgiving brunch…my mom’s way of making it okay that we’re missing the actual Thanksgiving dinner…I digress, sorry) and I’m stoked!  I love an opportunity to cook…fun, fun, fun!

It’ll be a small gathering, so it shouldn’t require too much effort but since it’s the holiday, I checked to see what my girl Martha had to say about Thanksgiving menus.  And as should be expected, she is a woman after my OCD planning heart!  Click here to see what I’m talking about.

  • If you think that Martha doesn’t detail exactly what you should make, you’d be wrong.
  • If you think that Martha doesn’t suggest that you start looking for Turkeys in early November…again, you’d be wrong.
  • If you think that my heart didn’t sing when I read her breakdown of what to do one week before, 4-5 days before, and so on and so forth before Turkey Day…you guessed it, you’d be wrong.
  • If you think that my girl Martha didn’t give you an hour by hour breakdown of exactly what needs to happen that day…playa, you’d be wrong.

If there’s a world without Martha, I don’t wanna live in it!  That woman is stone crazy for the amount of detail she puts into planning an event…and I love her for it!


10 Responses to “Gobble, gobble”

  1. OMG! Martha has it planned down to the wire! I would be too stressed trying to stick to her script, but I guess that’s why she is Martha Stewart! LOL

  2. Frugalista Says:

    I seriously wish I had a lot more of Martha in me! I want to be a domestic godess but I just don’t have it in me! Sounds like your fam came up with a good Thanksgiving compromise.

  3. Mrs. K Says:

    Glad you guys came up with a good solution for splitting time with the family for Thanksgiving. I won’t be doing any cooking (hopefully)

  4. jameil1922 Says:

    LOl! She’s awesome!

  5. We will be travelling to be with his family in Beaumont, TX on Turkey Day but I’ve already put my mama on standby that if his people cannot cook to have me a plate ready that evening. We are doing Christmas at my folks and the day after at his parents. Thankfully, my MIL gets down in the kitchen!

    • Girl, the first time I went over by his people’s for dinner…the house was a disaster! Like one of those hoarders shows or something…I almost took a picture with my camera phone to show my people, then I got shamed. Needless to say, I was starving when I left that house, lol! At least you already know mom’s can cook…he had to get it from somewhere right?

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