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The Royal Wedding November 30, 2010

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I’ll admit to not knowing if the wedding blog world is all atwitter with news of the royal wedding…I just assume it is.  In all honesty, I stopped looking at wedding planning blogs after our big day.  More power to you if you’re one of those ladies who decided to create a business around the wedding industry…I was over it by the time our day came and went.  I can’t imagine the singular obsession over small details that is about to take place…it will be surreal, for sure!

There’s actually a William & Kate wedding tracking website…that was started back in 2008!  Omg, what did those people talk about for two years?!  So you can only imagine how it will be now that there’s an actual wedding to talk about!!

I don’t talk about all of this to add to the noise, but to say: imagine being Kate.  Let’s do a rundown:

  • You’re marrying into royalty.
  • Your future hubbie’s parents had the wedding of all wedding that captivated the whole world!
  • Every detail will be scrutinized…from the food choices to the colors to the favors.
  • People will look to every thing you do…many of the things you do will be mimicked by brides across the globe.

There’s probably so much more.  But ladies, think back to your planning.  About all the snide comments that you had to shake off, the worries you had about your weight, your makeup, all of it.  I know we all want to say how awful the WIC is for making us feel crappy about the way we look and the things we do…but in this case, how could she not feel pressure?!  What a weight to carry!

So what would you do?  Would you even have said yes to the prince?  How would you handle the expectations of an entire country and the interest of the entire world?  How would you stay sane in this situation?


14 Responses to “The Royal Wedding”

  1. Frugalista Says:

    I can understand the stress and pressure that may come with the world watching. But she has experts to guide her every step of the way and the money to have the best of the best of everything there is to be had for every single aspect of her wedding. for the most part I don’t really have much sympathy for her plight. us ladies have to pull off a lot with a limited budget. She is a darn lucky girl.

  2. jameil Says:

    Years ago I would’ve said yes. I thought he was HAWT! Now he’s starting to look like his daddy’s child. LOL. There are some perks to marrying into royalty (and coming from wealth) tho. SHE isn’t really the one who has to worry about those awful details. She can give a look to someone and tell them to go, come back with ideas for approval then get it all done. I’MA NEED THAT!! Lol.

  3. I think that girl has been in training for the last 8 years. I’ll bet she handles it just fine. 🙂

  4. MrsTDJ Says:

    I think that she has been aware of the “what ifs” from the moment they became friends and started dating. I would image that living in a country where actual monarchies exist, children grow up with a different sense of “what if”. The idea and possibility of meeting a prince or princess, falling in love and living happily ever after is much more REAL than in other places. I agree with The Thirty Something Bride. She’s been being groomed for this for YEARS and so far, she seems to be holding it together nicely. I wish them well and can’t wait to gawk at the wedding.

  5. Karen Says:

    I’ll be the only thing she gets to choose is her ‘maids…the rest will be chosen for her. Uber Traditional and Fabulous. The world has been waiting for this wedding! And yes…the scrutiny is a total blower. And I will be glued to the TV for sure!

    • You know, I hadn’t really thought about this all being too big for her to actually have her say, but you’re probably right. And I’ll be watching too, girl…this thing is going to be ridiculous!!

  6. Amy Says:

    Kate that lucky lucky girl knows what she is getting into. It’s not going to be easy being a princess, because she’s going to be living under a microscope but she is definitely going to have a fabo wedding!

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