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Husband-y December 6, 2010

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I’m happy that I married The Mister for so many reasons…he’s just a great guy, but there are a few things that I’m exceptionally happy about with him.  Things that I can pawn off on him that I really don’t like doing.  Now before you read my list, please don’t misunderstand me as saying that I cannot do these things…I’d just rather not.   I’m a woman and I roar (can’t you hear me?), but there are some tasks that I’ll happily hand over to The Mister…and I’ve chosen to call them Husbandy.  Or, things that a husband should do.

The 8 things that I think are husband-y things to do (Winter Edition)

  • Shoveling. Uck.  It’s a good workout, that’s about the only good thing I have to say about shoveling snow, so I’ll happily let The Mister do that one!
  • Opening doors. No, my hands are broken and yes, when he’s not around I have to open doors myself…but when he is, it’s nice to have a door opened for me.
  • Cleaning the snow off of my car. It’s cold outside.  Like really cold outside and it’s so nice when he’ll clean off my car so that I don’t have to.
  • Killing bugs. The Mister’s more of a rescuer and I’m more of a murderer when it comes to bugs!  So maybe this one doesn’t belong on the list…I don’t really mind killing bugs.
  • Opening jars. I’ve got ginormous hands and don’t typically have trouble opening jars and things like that, but I always think of the Seinfeld where Jerry was dating the nudist lady and she was trying to open the jar.  Not a good look.
  • Weird noises in the middle of the night.  When I was single and I heard weird noises, I just prayed for sleep to come right away, lol!  Now that I’ve got The Mister, I shove my head under his arm and go to sleep.  Don’t know why this helps, but it does.
  • Finding the fuse box. We live in an old house, so it wasn’t set up for all of the electronics that we have these days.  So every now and then, a fuse will blow and he’ll have to go down to the breaker box.  First of all, I don’t know where it is; second of all, I wouldn’t know what switch to flip; and thirdly, I really don’t want to have to worry about it.
  • Putting up the Christmas tree. We just put ours up this weekend and I’m glad he did it!  Once he hauled it up from the basement and got it put together, the lights wouldn’t work and he was fiddling around with that thing for a while!

So, of course I know that I could do those tasks myself.  But isn’t the point of being a couple and a partnership that we don’t have to do everything ourselves?  I’d be willing to bet that some ladies’ husbandy things wouldn’t make my list (like, I love to grill and garden), just like you probably didn’t agree with all of mine.

Hit me up in the comments and tell me about your husbandy things!


14 Responses to “Husband-y”

  1. Frugalista Says:

    One of my big ones is the trash take out duty. It is nice having men around to kill bugs and open jars and trouble shoot technical household issues. I was single and living alone for 5 years and I survived but it is so nice having that manly back up.

  2. I agree with Frugalista. He takes out the trash, of course you know he cooks and he is responsible for all things mechanical. I just told him this morning that the car sounded horrible and to fix it! I was serious too. LOL!!

  3. Mrs O Says:

    LOL this would be my EXACT ‘husbandy’ list too! ahahahah. Other things would be driving to the tip to discard old household items; mowing the lawn;and going up into the attic… I could do all of these things…I have done them all when I have no choice, but when Mr O is around, we know what tasks are his from my to-do-list.

  4. jameil Says:

    Obviously he’s not the hubs but I love it when Rah takes out the trash, starts my car when it’s cold, goes to get food, compliments my decorations (LOL), cleans the kitchen after I cook and sets up my shows on the DVR.

  5. Koinonia01 Says:

    lol @ your emphasis on being able to do them yourself but would rather he do it. Your list is very practical and you don’t have unrealistic expectations. I like that

    • I think I did that because so many women think that it’s weak to want/need a man…I don’t! We’re partners and I’m happy I have him to complement me and so that we can help each other out.

  6. K. Rock Says:

    Anything car related I don’t do. I’ll put in gas but that’s it. He tried to teach me to check the oil and I threw the biggest hissy fit.

    Mow the lawn. I will rake all day but the actual lawn mower is up to him.

    And last but most importantly is…killing bugs. I dont mess with them. He has to seop whatever he’s doing and murder this bug so I can continue living my life.

    There are more too.

  7. Tazzee Says:

    I’ll add cleaning up the dog poop and taking the dog out on the extra cold mornings to my hubby’s list.

    That’s in addition to everything else mentioned except mowing the lawn because we live in a townhouse.

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