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So…are you and hubs thinking about getting preggers? December 18, 2010

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Okay ladies, I know we’ve all heard the questions a million times…and it’s annoying.  But, I know a lot of us do want to add onto our little mini families.  I’m going to keep it real, I’ve got baby fever (and this’ll probably be the last time you hear that from me because it’s so cliche…okay, let’s continue) and I’ve been poking around the interwebs and have found some info.  There’s probably more you can do, but I’m sure you can’t go wrong if you follow these…

6 things to do if you’re planning on getting pregnant*

  1. Timing:  This article I linked above says that you’ve got to clean up your diet for three months to a year.  That’s a long time…it surprised me.
  2. Weight: Being overweight isn’t ideal and they advise weight loss.  But also, they say that extreme weight loss (like, say,for a wedding…sound familiar anyone?) “from crash dieting can deplete your body’s nutritional stores, which isn’t a good way to start a pregnancy.”
  3. Nutrition:  Lots of fruits and veggies, not a lot of white foods (sugar, rice, potatoes, etc.), lean meats, fish and dairy…easy on the red meat.  I also read somewhere that letting yourself get too hungry is bad also…something about some hunger hormone that’s released that blocks another preggo hormone.
  4. Vitamins. Take your prenatals.  Folic acid is supposed to ward off birth defects…which is important for us over-30’s!
  5. Alcohol.  Here’s their advice:  “cut out or only occasionally drink alcohol.”  Bummer, I know.
  6. Caffeine. The biggest bummer of them all…no coffee.  Too much caffeine apparently could result in low birth weight or miscarriage.  Eek!

Oddly enough, I found this info because I’ve got some tummy issues that have seriously forced me to change my diet…then I found out that pregnancy requires a similar diet.  Two birds with one stone.  Okay, this is our first and last chat about babies.  Any other advice?  Ladies who’ve got kiddos, did the article leave anything out?

*I’m not pregnant.


14 Responses to “So…are you and hubs thinking about getting preggers?”

  1. Mrs O Says:

    goodness me, did the article leave anything out….?! SO much its untrue. Its funny but at my Christmas do last night, another Mum and I decided to tell all about child-birth and pregnancy to a non-Mum colleague… she was amazed by how much she didn’t know. In terms of getting preg and things to know, there is also SO much that one could say… where to start is the question!!! : )

  2. Sarah Says:

    When you’re pregnant, you need a lot more protein than normal. I found it really hard to get sufficient protein because I couldn’t stomach red meat, pork or lamb, a lot of fish is off limits because of mercury levels, and soy protein is insufficient because it lacks other nutrients. I ended up relyin on eggs, chicken, soy and a lot of varieties of beans.

  3. alison Says:

    I didn’t quite understand it before I got married but something about the idea of co-creating a child together with the man you love is easily on the top three list of most romantic things ever now! I tried to explain it to my newly engaged friend a while back and she started back at my with blank eyes. Now a half year into their marriage she totally gets it. I guess my only added thought would be – and I’m sorry if this is too personal – but certain hormonal contraceptives recommend waiting until at least 3 months post-use in order to ensure that the additional hormones are out of the system. My sister got pregnant her first month off the pill and my nephew is perfectly healthy, but I’ve read/heard about increased risk of miscarriage and prostate development in little boys. It sounds avoidable enough so, just thought I’d throw that out there since a lot of people don’t know (including my sister).
    And don’t apologize for baby talk…first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby… right? 🙂

  4. We do want a baby, and have started trying already. I wish we could wait but as you know I am 37. To that end, we will both be making some lifestyle changes to our diet as we are not little bitty folks.

    Fortunately for me, my husband is open minded enough to also consider adoption to create a family. I am blessed in that regard.

    • Good for you! Girl, you know that I’m not that much younger than you (35), so maybe we’d better get a move on! Did you get off of birth control before y’all got married?

      • I haven’t been on BC in years actually. I hadn’t been in a relationship since 2007 before I met hubs so there was (very) limited activity going on. LOL! I haven’t been really good about tracking my ovulation which is why I think I haven’t gotten pregnant before now.

      • I’m just starting to figure out how my cycles run…never had cause to think about it before.

  5. Mrs. K Says:

    Thanks for answering the question at the end before I could ask. It was on my mind the whole time. LOL.

  6. AM Says:

    i would say – take care of yourself in general and dont fret about the little things. I dont/didnt know what my ideal weight was before I had my first child, and I drank tea (lots of it, not decaffeinated) through all of my pregnancies. Everything was fine.

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