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S.O.S.! New Year’s Eve emergency December 27, 2010

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Okay y’all, The Mister and I are hitting the town for New Year’s Eve and I have an outfit that I wanna wear, but I need accessories…stat!  I originally bought this dress for our rehearsal dinner, but then thought it would be too fancy.  So I didn’t buy stuff that would work for winter.  That’s where you come in.

Here’s the dress, from Anthropologie…fits great!  It hits about 2 or 3 inches above the knee…fitted bodice, almost bubble skirt-y on the bottom.:

And the sweater (from Ann Taylor Loft…originally for a work outfit) I have to wear with it because it’s going to be winter in Chicago!!:

So what kind of tights and shoes can I wear with this?

I like these…would they work?  Or would that be too much grey?  The dress is a metallic silver and cream. Should I go with a colored shoe?  Sparkly?  Help!!


4 Responses to “S.O.S.! New Year’s Eve emergency”

  1. Kim Says:

    If you are going to do tights I would do same color as shoes if you a going to do hosiery I would do flesh tone sheer or you can try to find something shimmery since it is the holidays. for accessories I would to silver with black necklace and earrings and you should definitely do a bracelet and/or one of those fashion ring.

  2. Jameil Says:

    Definitely too much grey. I say either colored tights or a colored shoe, whichever one feels more you. I would do a sassy pump! No necklace because of the neckline. It’s interesting so you don’t want to distract from that. And really you don’t want your earrings to be too much since you have the sparkly cardigan. Do you have a different cardigan you could wear?

    • I think I’ve decided to go the colorful bottom route. I just bought some slate blue tights and eggplant shoes…they’re super cute. I’m admittedly a bit different and I know that combo is a tad odd…but I think it’ll be nice.

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