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Disjointed and random… January 30, 2011

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…thoughts, that is.  I’m just sitting under the hair dryer after completing the weekly wash and thought I’d share a few things.

*I love it when someone says that they’re a “grown *ss man/woman…that usually means something is about to pop off.  Get the popcorn and wait for the show!

*Does anyone out there subscribe to Groupon?  I just signed up about a week ago and haven’t gotten anything even close to good…is it worth it?

*I’m sure you can figure out why I now know when I ovulate and how long my cycles are…but why am I a grown woman just figuring this stuff out??

*I bought mouthwash for $4 the other day and got a coupon for $4 back…I was embarrassingly over-the-moon at my savings.

*I love my hood dryer!

*Speaking of hair…did y’all know that I did my own hair for the wedding?  Now that I look back, that was kinda crazy.  I legitimately had no clue how I was going to style until I took it off of the rollers.  I mean, what if it didn’t set right or something?!  (you can see pics on the “About Dawn” button over there, top right)

*The Mister was listening to Public Enemy when I came home the other day…talk about a blast from the past! (Bass! How low can you go?)

*You know who was underrated from back in the day?  De La Soul…now that was some good music!

*I’ve set my hair with flat twists the last couple of weeks and really like them…wish I could get them to last longer though.  Anyone have tips?  I never leave them in for public consumption, I always wear them in a twist out.  Oh yeah, my hair’s natural.

*Thinking of running another half marathon in May…who’s with me?

I think that’s it chicas…holla back!


10 Responses to “Disjointed and random…”

  1. Jameil Says:

    I’m in class with CHILDREN!! I was thisclose to saying “I’M A GROWN WOMAN” to one of them. Silly children, I don’t have time to play games!!! Whaddya mean is Groupon worth it?? It’s free! Hang in there. I got a huge discount for Opera & half off a restaurant I enjoy in town. I saw a skydiving one I wanted, too but didn’t have the nerve to pull the trigger at the time. Exciting news– you watching your ovulation! 🙂 I’ll be praying for you guys! My twists never lasted. Such a mess. I’m gonna pass on the half seeing as my goal for the year is to run a 5k! LOL Also I LOVE a good coupon! I need MORE! MORE!

    • I love the twists on the first day…I feel like strutting around, flingin’ my hair. Then day two is still pretty good. Day three I put it up, not a bad look. By day four, it’s done…I’m on to something else.

  2. Frugalista Says:

    Groupon is cool! Every deal that gets sent out isn’t right for you but just wait…you’ll see one eventually and say, “Perfect.” There are a lot of date night stuff that comes across too that you can use with hubby.

  3. Kemi Says:

    Am I crazy for being happy for you guys trying (or thinking of trying) for a baby? Exciting times. I’ve known about cycles and ovulation etc since I was quite young: my parents were liberals and I also taught sex education classes to high school students when I was in college. It’s actually a bit scary how much I know about this stuff.

    I wish I could join in on the Half Marathon but those don’t exist around my parts…

  4. courtnee Says:

    Seriously, I have children but since my new husband and I are trying to have another(without much luck) I have really just figured out my cycle and the whole nine!WTH! This has prompted some conversations with my teen daughters that they don’t want to have but need to know.

    “I’m a grown a** man/woman” -so true! Let the fireworks begin!

  5. I just signed up for Groupon a few weeks ago. I haven’t purchased anything yet…but, I’m sure I will. Have you tried I just signed up for that too. I’m looking for ways to save money when we go out to eat.

  6. MrsTDJ Says:

    I’m a groupon junkie! I have 7 deals that I’ve purchased and not used yet. I also like Living Social. I have the entire “3 Feet High and Rising” album on my ipod. Love De La.

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