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Savings March 24, 2011

Filed under: Building a life — Happy Nappy Bride @ 9:33 pm

Now I know that I’m officially old.   Why?  I requested a rain check on a sale item at the store today.  How embarrassing!

When did you officially realize that you were an old lady?


4 Responses to “Savings”

  1. am Says:

    that doesnt make you old – that makes you smart! ppl dont ask for rainchecks because they dont know or they cant be bothered.
    Dont forget to come back and use your raincheck!!

  2. Totally agree with AM. That makes you SMART!

  3. AM Says:

    Are you OK? I’ve missed your posts…hope all is well.

  4. Dana Says:

    When I had so much stuff in my purse. It does not make you old it makes you smart on saving money.

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