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S.O.S.! New Year’s Eve emergency December 27, 2010

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Okay y’all, The Mister and I are hitting the town for New Year’s Eve and I have an outfit that I wanna wear, but I need accessories…stat!  I originally bought this dress for our rehearsal dinner, but then thought it would be too fancy.  So I didn’t buy stuff that would work for winter.  That’s where you come in.

Here’s the dress, from Anthropologie…fits great!  It hits about 2 or 3 inches above the knee…fitted bodice, almost bubble skirt-y on the bottom.:

And the sweater (from Ann Taylor Loft…originally for a work outfit) I have to wear with it because it’s going to be winter in Chicago!!:

So what kind of tights and shoes can I wear with this?

I like these…would they work?  Or would that be too much grey?  The dress is a metallic silver and cream. Should I go with a colored shoe?  Sparkly?  Help!!


12 Cozy Date Ideas October 5, 2010

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I’m totally stealing this from over at Simple Marriage, you can click here for the actual post…except I’m putting my spin on her ideas.  I’d love to hear your spin on things in the comments!

End of the year project. She says that we should do a home project for a “date”.  Ummm, no.  He’s not getting off that easy, we’re going somewhere, dangit!

Make soup. She says cooking together helps you bond…I say me cooking and him doing the dishes and a great bonding afternoon.

Walk through area nature trails. Okay, this one I like.  I LOVE going on walks with The Mister.  It gives us time to talk or not talk, but it’s fun to be outside together.

Sip spiked hot cocoa. I’m for anything spiked…just be prepared for me to want to take a nap afterwards, lol!

Cuddle up in a blanket on the porch. I like this one!  We’ve got a nice screened in porch that we could use.  Or, since our house is a bit on the chilly side as it is, we could just do this one inside with a nice movie.

Break in the flannel sheets. Not sure why this is a date…ooooohhh, “break in” the sheets.  I get it.

Share a bestselling book. Read out loud to each other?  I think not sister.  We are taking a class together at church if that counts.

Plan a vacation close to home. Meh.  I’d rather save the money for an actual vacation.

Make apple pie. Don’t know why this is a date idea, but I have been thinking about making apple pie lately…it’s that time of the year.

Exchange a snuggly gift. She doesn’t mean this in an “adult” manner, lol! *giggling uncontrollably*  She’s talking about buying your honey some slippers or a warm robe.

Snuggle beside a bonfire. We’ve got a fire pit that we never use…perhaps we should.

Attend a high school sporting event. This would be a cute idea if I didn’t spend my every waking moment in a gym, surrounded by coaches.  That’s not a date for me, that’s called “work”.

What do you guys think about these date ideas?  Anything you and your honey do that I should be trying?


for real? August 3, 2010

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Have y’all seen the commercials for that ABC show “What Would You Do?” where the waitress is flirting with the woman’s boyfriend/husband?  Well, I don’t know how it all plays out…I think it comes on this week sometime, but the gist is that you’re chillin’ with your honey and the waitress starts pushing up on your man.  And I’ve watched these shows before when they’re about different topics, so I’m sure the waitress will keep ramping it up to see what kind of reaction she could get.  In the one commercial, the waitress actually gives the man her phone number and asks him to call her…right in front of the girlfriend/wife!

The Mister asked me what I would do if something like that happened and I just shook my head and said, “I don’t know…but it wouldn’t be good.”  So that got me to brainstorming about what I’d say or do if a woman flirted so tough with my husband (right in front of me!) that she felt that she could give him her number.  I have a tough time with that one because I don’t think I give off the vibe that that sort of behavior would be acceptable, but let’s just say that I do.  What would I do?

  • Snatch the paper out of The Mister’s hand and tell her that I’ll give her a call later…with a hard stare.
  • Laugh and tell him that he’s still got it…and then take that number away, lol!
  • Find the manager of the restaurant and tell him about that trick waitress.
  • Ask her if she realizes that The Mister is a married man and if she’d want her hubby treated that way.
  • Request another waitress.
  • Complain to the manager, get a free meal, and pat self on back for saving money.

So…what would you do?


coupled up August 1, 2010

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*The Mister’s not White, but I really liked this picture.*

The Mister and I went out with one of our favorite couples last night and just had a blast.  They’re a newly married couple and were “pulling for us” while we were dating, so they’re just over the moon at our marriage…it’s cute.  The Mister and the hubby from the other couple went to college together and me and the wife hit it off right away, so we’ve always had great times together, whether at a nice restaurant or just chilling at home.   I appreciate their friendship because they’re honest with us, not always making marriage sound like it’ll be all daisies and birdies chirping.  It’s nice to have folks who can keep it real, but not scare us off of marriage, lol!!

That got me to thinking about the people we choose to surround ourselves with as couples.  I’m certainly not against having single friends, but I do think it’s a bit different…as does Tiffany in Houston.  Go on over and check out her post called Rules of Engagement…too funny!

Do you have couple friends?  What do y’all do?  How often do you meet up?


at the movies July 22, 2010

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Inception.  Go see it.  Seriously…go look up movie times and see this movie.

I love movies, but I’m the kind of person that immediately forgets a movie after seeing it.  Like, I remember liking the movie, but I can never put my finger on why.  I never remember scenes unless someone else brings it up and then maybe (maybe) I’ll remember as well.

Inception is one I’ll remember.

We went to see it a couple of days ago and I still remember everything…mostly because my brain was working so hard during the movie, lol!  Yesterday, randomly, I asked The Mister, “so do you think yada, yada, yada from the movie happened?”  It’s one of those that you’ll need time after the movie to decompress, to talk it out, to get your mind back in order.  So go see it with your honey and then grab a cup of coffee and try to figure out what just happened in that there movie.

Have you seen it yet?  Did you like it?  I wish we could talk more specifically, but I’d hate to ruin it for those who haven’t seen it…that would be uncool, dude.