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the naps July 16, 2010

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When The Mister asked me to marry him last July, I was transitioning out of dreadlocks.  I’d had them for about ten years and was ready to be able to do my hair in different styles.  When I cut out the dreads, I only had a snaps worth of hair, so I put it in braids until I could figure out what to do with it.  Then I realized how easy braids were and kept getting them instead of doing my hair myself.

I must confess that I’ve never been one to “do” my hair, which is how I ended up with the locs in the first place.  I knew I wanted to come out of the relaxers (which I did about eleven years ago now), but I also knew I didn’t want to wrangle with my hair.  Anyhoo, when he asked, I was spending about $200/session to get my hair braided.  I was getting them redone every three months or so and I added up the cost thru the wedding and realized it’d be about $800 to keep getting my hair done.  With our small budget, I couldn’t justify spending that kind of loot.  So I went cold turkey on the braids and started doing my hair.

Now I’ve got two faves that are my go-to styles.  I always go curly because when the thickness creeps in, the ‘do still looks cute.  When I flat iron (which I do roughly once a month), I set my hair on rods and sit underneath the dryer to let it set.  My wedding hair was done like this:

When I don’t flat iron (which is most of the time), I just wash and set in bantu knots and sit under the dryer to set it and let them out…I re-knot at night and sleep in them overnight.  Here’s some pics I took this morning:

Anyhoo, for those of you who are looking to do your natural hair for your wedding, it can be done without chemicals or weaves.  Mine lasted through our wedding and reception…where I danced myself sweaty and didn’t worry about my hair.  I suppose the only way I wouldn’t even try my hair is to keep it straight, so if you’re wanting head-shakin’ hair, this isn’t the look for you.  My hair is past my boobs when straightened, so you can see it’s significantly shorter this way.

Any other nappies out there with hair ideas?  I’m always looking to try new things!


these would be handy July 15, 2010

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I saw these at Walgreen’s this morning…I wish I’d known about them before the wedding I went to a few weeks ago.  They’re flats that come inside a little wristlet that you can carry into the party and when your feet start hollering, you can trade out your heels for them.  What a great idea!  Plus you can probably stash your phone and stuff in there too.  All for $12…it’s a steal!


this should be easier June 25, 2010

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Let’s take a break from recaps for this public service announcement: you only get 30 days after the wedding to change your benefits information with human resources.

Okay, carry on.


odds and ends May 21, 2010

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Busy day today…t minus one week ’til the wedding!

I got up this morning and had my final killer workout.  This is the first time that I thought about not finishing…then I remember that I plan on wearing a bikini in a little over a week.  FYI, it’s a circuit that is two minutes of abs and three minutes of sprints on the treadmill repeated ten times.  Bru.Tal.

Anyhoo, after that, The Mister and I went to pick up our marriage certificate.  Let’s not talk about why we’re so late in picking up this essential piece of paperwork, let’s just praise the Lord that we have it.  $90…is that normal?  What did you all have to pay for your license?  The lady who issued us the certificate then had us raise our right hands and verify that everything we’d told her was true…wasn’t expecting that one.

After that we went looking for shoes for The Mister.  I think they’re pretty good looking:

After that long afternoon of license getting and shoe buying, then we went for food.  I’ve got some weird switch in my head that once hunger strikes it’s all I can think about, so I was on food patrol!  We went for Chinese and this is the fortune I got:

On May 28th perhaps?


more shopping May 4, 2010

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It’s cute because it’s a bear…get it?  Ring bear-er?  *slapping knee*  Well, at least the five year old who’s wearing it will think it’s funny.  (I think it’s adorable!).


Weddzilla post April 30, 2010

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I was excited about how our invitations turned out.  They were unique, classy, and fun.  You can click over here to see how they turned out and how we saved money.


two left feet April 29, 2010

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I got these at Walgreens.  When you wear heels, they’re supposed to shift the weight from the ball of your feet to make it more evenly distributed.  I’m up for trying anything that’ll make heels more comfy for me!  I wear gym shoes or flats most of the time, so rocking heels while being comfortable is essential.  Though I’m still planning on wearing the kitten heels at the reception so that I can boogie and be pain free.

How are you dealing with the heels conundrum?  Are you planning on wearing yours all day or just the ceremony?


so much happier

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The Mister giggled when he saw this…look at the big pic.  She looks so sad and then at the bottom…tattoo’s all covered up, happiness!  Too funny!  As usual, when we laugh about something silly…we become silly, I made up a conversation that the picture lady probably had with herself:

Boy, that dragon tattoo seemed like such a great idea at the time, but now that I’m getting married, it just kinda bums me out.  I sure do wish there was a way to cover it up for my wedding day.  *sigh*  Oh wait!  What’s this?  Tattoo coverup?!!  Yay…now I’ll have a fantastic and carefree wedding day!


Weddzilla post April 26, 2010

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I’ve got tattoos, but only one is visible and it’s on my foot.  I’d been thinking all along that I was just gonna let it all hang out on the wedding day, but then I tried everything on a couple of weeks ago when my mom was here and as much as it pains me to say it…my mom is right.  The tattoo detracts from the whole “look”.  Check out this post if you want to find out to cover yours up for your big day.


whoa nelly! April 25, 2010

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I was just getting ready to grab my mouse  and head off to some website and buy more clothes for our marathon month after our wedding:  10-day honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta, 5-day Arizona trip, then another wedding…and that’s when I realized that I should probably actually check and see what I’d already bought for all of that stuff.  It’s amazing how hard it is to shut off that shopping switch in my head.

Anyhoo, this is what I’ve got so far.

From J.Crew…on final sale, a cute brightly colored halter:

Got this at Ann Taylor Loft on super sale (on sale after the sale price)!  I think I tied the belt too tight…but trust me, it’s very cute:

This is such a cute dress from Anthropologie…you just can’t tell from this pic, lol!  Anyhoo, I’d planned on wearing it to our rehearsal dinner, but it’s gonna be uber-casual so I’ll probably use it for something else (as well as the honeymoon of course):

I’d totally forgotten about this dress!  I got it at least six or seven years ago at Ann Taylor and it’s absolutely lovely!  It fits like a glove but is comfy:

And of course shorts…and when I wear shorts, they’re short!:

So that’s what I’ve got so far.  Plus I’ve got plenty of cute skirts and tops that’ll work for the trips as well.  And I feel like I should at least pretend that I’m going to work out, so I’ll have to pack running shoes and workout clothes.  The only thing that I need to buy are swimsuits and a cover up.

Disclaimer: just because I don’t need to buy anything doesn’t mean that I won’t!