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I’ve been sleeping on this! February 19, 2011

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Ummm…this album is H-O-T!!  Dear Lord…make sure hubs is nearby when you listen to this one!  I’ve got Robin Thicke’s first album, but this one blows that one out of the water (and I really liked that one!).  Go get it for some special one-on-one time with your man!


Keep it tight November 10, 2010

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Looks matter!  I know that may seem quite obvious, but it seems like so many times folks are trying to convince us ladies that we shouldn’t be so worried about what’s on the outside, but what’s on the inside.  Well, let me tell you how happy I was that my latest issue of Psychology Today addressed this issue.  Here’s the cover…a bit over the top, no?

Anyhoo, how about this line from the article: It turns out that the real beauty myth is the damaging one [some] feminists are perpetuating—the absurd notion that it serves women to thumb their noses at standards of beauty. Love it!  I’m not saying that I run around the house in a ball gown, quite the opposite actually.  My job enables me to wear shorts and a tshirt on most days.  But I do try to keep my hair cute and makeup on…and I’m currently increasing my nighttime wardrobe options.

3 interesting things from the article, The Truth About Beauty

  • How we look matters (duh): She talks about how dressing as if you’re “just the girl to come clean out your sewer line!” (lol!!) isn’t the way to find a partner who is visually stimulated (read: men)…but neither is wearing twenty layers of makeup and dressing like a hussy.
  • Intellectualism isn’t the antithesis to beauty:  Visit any college campus and there’s always the battle between the young ladies who are dressed to the nines and wearing heels to class and the women who wear Birkenstocks and don’t shave their armpits.  It’s always seemed like the smart girls were too cool to care about looks, now thanks to my Psychology Today, that myth has been shattered.
  • The ole bait ‘n swtich: You know where I’m going with this.  The lady who stayed fine while she was dating her man has turned into Lurch now that she’s married.  Home girl used to work out like a champ, ate healthily, and dressed great.  Now…not so much.   Now she’s running around looking a HDM:  Hot Dang Mess.

Anyhoo, this one was good for me to read.  I’ll blame my tshirt and shorts habit on my job…but season will be over soon.  I’d rather not pick up another excuse but rather stay cute for my honey.

What do you guys think?


See you at the movies October 28, 2010

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Well, it’s getting to be about that time when work dies down and I’m able to spend more time doing fun stuff.  In addition to being about business (see previous post, lol!!), I love going to the movies.  Here are the one’s I’m looking forward to:

Red: This movie looks super cute!  It’s got Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirrin      (looking too good!)…a bunch of other stars.  It’s about former CIA agents who are trying to figure out why the CIA is now after them.




Megamind: I love a good cartoon and this one looks funny.  It has Will Ferrell, Tina Fey, and Brad Pitt.





Life As We Know It: Yes, I understand that we already know how this movie will turn out before it even starts.  Who cares?  I love a good romance and Katherine Heigl knows romance!  I’ll be there and I’ll be sure to say, “awww!”




Due Date: Robert Downey, Jr. (who I love!) and the bearded Zach guy from The Hangover.  I can’t really tell from the previews, but for whatever reason RDJ can’t figure out a way home to see his wife have their baby without Zach’s help.  Hilarity ensues.




For Colored Girls: It’s a Tyler Perry movie (which is a strike, sorry folks), but I’m hoping the all-star cast will overcome him.  Janet Jackson, Thandie Newton, Loretta Devine, Kerry Washington, Phylicia Rashad, Whoopie Goldberg…and more!

Are there any movies you’re fired up about?


I heart football September 28, 2010

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The Mister is a huge Chicago Bears fan, so we went out to watch the Bears Packers game last night and I was trying to be a gamer and wear the Bears colors (orange & blue)…but he accused me of wearing yellow.  Does that look like yellow?  Hmmmpft!  The funny part was that while I was giving him grief about being color-blind, the first thing someone says to me was some comment about me wearing Packers colors.  What?!!  That’s orange, right?!

Then I got to thinking about what The Mister’s poor football life has turned into since he watches games with me.  I love the sport because I’m a coach and I enjoy watching the tactical nature of sport, but I don’t know the game in and out or anything.  So these are things I said last night while watching the game:

  • Oh my goodness, that dude is huge!  *poking with finger to get his attention*
  • Lovie needs a size bigger pants.
  • That dude sucks, why don’t they take him out?
  • Dear God, that dude is gigantic!! *The Mister rolls his eyes at this one and reminds me that they are football players*
  • Why does he keep making that same mistake?
  • Why don’t they just tackle him, he’s standing right there?

And this was just last night…every weekend there are a new series of questions for him.  He hasn’t stopped watching with me yet, so I guess that’s a good sign!

Do you watch with your honey?


lights, camera, action September 23, 2010

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So I’d planned on posting up pics of my hair so that you can see what I’m doing with it since the wedding.  I haven’t cut it, but I did get a significant trim, so it’s a bit shorter.  Though you’d never know it because I put it up everyday.  I wore it down to work last week and the other ladies marveled at how long it was and I told them that I hate the way hair feels.  It’s true!  When it’s down, it’s in my face and on my shoulders and just generally in the way…annoying!  Anyhoo, I asked The Mister to take some pics and of the ten or so that he took, only a couple turned out…sort of.  It was pretty funny though, so, here are the…

Top 5 Things That Were Said The Most While Taking These Pictures

  1. How do I work this thing?
  2. Why am I taking these pictures?
  3. Why are you putting them on your blog?
  4. Ewww…that’s ugly, take another one!
  5. How come I don’t see the fl– *click*  Dangit!

So there were lots of giggles and pictures of me mid sentence…it was pretty funny.  Anyhoo, this is what my hair looks like, though you can’t really see it (which is why we kept taking pictures).

Remember this was supposed to be a pic of my hair?  So why don’t we see any hair here?  Try again!

Too far away to see the curlies and whatnot, but this is the gist…naps swept up into a bun (though some of my bobby pins had come out).

So that’s what I’m doing…it’s good for work and easy to put up at night, so it’s working out so far!  What happened to your wedding hair?  Did you go for the big chop?  Are you keeping it long?


rabbit’s foot September 16, 2010

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“You’ve got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?” –Dirty Harry

I’d say that things have been going well for me lately.  I’ve got a job I love, married a fabulous dude…I could go on and on.  But do you know when I knew for sure that my life was on the right track?  When The Mister and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings and I won this:

That’s right playa…50 free wings!!  Yippee!!!  Here’s how it went down.  The Mister and I always sit at the bar when we go there, so I saw the dude pick the paper out of the bucket and I just knew (I could feel it!) that he was going to call my name.

Me: He picked my sheet!
The Mister: How can you tell…did you see your name?
Me: No, I can just feel it…I’m gonna win! *bouncing up and down in my seat*
The Mister: *skeptical* Did you see your name or something?
Me: *heavy sigh* Noooo, I can just tell…he’s gonna call my name, just wait!
Dude behind bar: *looking around* Dawn, is there a Dawn?
Me: *fist pumping* Yaaaay!

So that’s it y’all…I’m a winner and get to stuff myself full of wings soon and very soon.  Have you gotten lucky lately?  (that sounds funny, but you know what I mean!)


Lions vs. Bears September 12, 2010

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No, this post isn’t about The Wizard of Oz (lions and tigers and bears, oh my!), but about my conundrum of the weekend.  You see, later on today, the Detroit Lions will play the Chicago Bears and I’m a Lions fans (which is unfortunate because they’re the world’s worst team!) and The Mister is for the Bears.  Normally it’s not such a big deal, because Detroit is so awful that it normally doesn’t matter…but this year they might actually be alright.  And I think the Bears have the potential to be a train wreck.

If the Lions win, can I gloat?  The problem is that The Mister can’t really gloat because Detroit is so bad…but if my team wins?  That’s struttin’ around material right there!

So stay tuned…I’ll wear my Lions blue to church today, I think.


an ode to autumn August 21, 2010

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Booooy, it’s football season y’all!  I know there are only preseason games on now, but I’ll take what I can get.  I love hearing that NFL theme song, it just gets my heart to humming.  I can watch it on tv or I can listen to it on the radio, but however I get it, I need my football fix.  I know that I can’t be the only lady out there who loves her pigskin weekends.  And as much as I love the tactics, the athleticism, and the emotion of the game…I like the way the dudes look in their uniforms just as much!  Shhhh…don’t tell The Mister.

But I learned to love the game as a young girl, sitting on my dad’s lap (he was a former collegiate football player, just like The Mister) and hollering at the tv with him.  He would patiently explain the different offensive packages to me and why this or that player was doing what he was doing.  And when we’d visit family, and the ladies were in the kitchen gossiping about whatever, I just wanted to be in the living room with the guys, watching the game and debating the merits of who was the better running back or corner.

These days, The Mister and I can spend all day Sunday with the games on and both of us are happy.  I enjoy hustling back from church and lazing around with him, watching the games.  Him, getting work done on the computer with one eye on the game.  Me, looking through the Sunday paper while getting dinner cooked, with one eye on the game.  Or, when I’ve begged enough to wear him down…heading to get wings and watching all the games at once.  Sheer joy at the football overload!

So welcome football season and welcome autumn.  To me, they’re one and the same.


boogie August 6, 2010

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I saw this Family Guy a couple of weeks ago and hollered…I just thought it was too funny.  Then I saw a clip on Nightline and felt comforted that intelligent people thought this was funny too.  Watch it and I’m sure you’ll laugh.  Then watch it again and laugh.  Then watch it again because you’ll start to dissect the video, like this:

  • Why is Brian (the dog) wearing a banana suit?
  • Why does he even have a banana suit?
  • Are those maracas?!  Why does he need those?
  • What the heck kinda lyrics are those?  (This, my friends, is the crux of its hilarity…how many of us danced to Tootsie Roll?  What, on Earth, does that song mean?)

And the more you ask logical questions about this completely illogical bit of video, the more you’ll laugh.  That much laughter from thirty seconds of my life should be illegal.

I asked The Mister if he’d like it if I did “It’s Peanut Butter Jelly Time!” for him when he’s grumpy and he said only if I get the banana suit.  I think that can be arranged!


coupled up August 1, 2010

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*The Mister’s not White, but I really liked this picture.*

The Mister and I went out with one of our favorite couples last night and just had a blast.  They’re a newly married couple and were “pulling for us” while we were dating, so they’re just over the moon at our marriage…it’s cute.  The Mister and the hubby from the other couple went to college together and me and the wife hit it off right away, so we’ve always had great times together, whether at a nice restaurant or just chilling at home.   I appreciate their friendship because they’re honest with us, not always making marriage sound like it’ll be all daisies and birdies chirping.  It’s nice to have folks who can keep it real, but not scare us off of marriage, lol!!

That got me to thinking about the people we choose to surround ourselves with as couples.  I’m certainly not against having single friends, but I do think it’s a bit different…as does Tiffany in Houston.  Go on over and check out her post called Rules of Engagement…too funny!

Do you have couple friends?  What do y’all do?  How often do you meet up?