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Groceries from January 19, 2011

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Okay people, I’m back from my existential blogging break (what am I blogging for? does anyone care? what’s the point?)…nice to see you again!

I just found out that you can subscribe to receive items from on a regular basis…it’s called subscribe and save.  It’s kind of a crazy deal!  I actually was looking for fiber pills (yes, I’m old) and stumbled upon it…and was able to save (more than the savings you usually get from amazon) a lot of loot.

I feel like I’m a salesman for them (I’m not…but I can be bought, lol!) but I think it’s a great program.  You sign up to receive items at a regular interval you choose (every one, two, three, or six months) and your card is charged when the items are shipped.

You can get groceries, toilet paper, diapers, makeup, office supplies…all sorts of stuff!  They even have organic foods.

Anyhoo, I thought that this would be a cool way to save some loot.  You should check it out!


are you average? April 30, 2010

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Remember I’d told you that I did a speech for my Toastmasters group about how to have a classy, but frugal, wedding?  Well, I actually looked up some numbers when doing some research for that speech and found some interesting stats about what makes a wedding “average” in America.

  • The average engagement is 17 months (Ours will be ten.)
  • Most dudes are spending $4,400 for their ladies’ engagement ring.  (Whoa.)
  • $31,000 is the average amount spent on weddings, not including honeymoons (I have to remind myself not to be judgey here just because I think that that’s a crazy amount of money.  There are probably folks who think that the ten thousand we’re spending is insanity.)
  • Most wedding dresses?  $1,500.  (Again, I won’t be judgey even though that’s nutty for one outfit…and that’s all it is ladies, an outfit.  FYI…my dress cost $100.)
  • Photography comes in at about $2,300.  (I immediately fell into a vendor-crush with the first photographer that I met with…his photos were amazing, I was feeling his vibe, he and his wife were partners and I thought that was cool, and he had this amazing home office.  I love, love, loved him!!  But he wanted $2,400 for everything that we wanted, plus an extra $200 for engagement photos.  Heartbroken.  The Mister came to the rescue though with a great photog that we both get along with well…and he’s about $1,400 cheaper.)
  • Most people are spending around $2,000 on flowers. (We’ll end up spending about $700, which is still a lot of money for flowers.  I swallow hard every time I think about that one…but I know I’ll love the final result.)
  • The average reception is $14,000.  (Really?!  That’s a boatload of money!  I wonder if I had an extra 14k lying around, if I’d even spend it on a reception…and what does that buy?  Caviar?  Moet?  Those guests better be leaving that reception saying it’s the best thing they’ve ever been to or ever done!)

So are you average?  Did you have any vendor crushes that never came to fruition?  Are you buying stuff that you really, really want, but still makes you wince when you look at the budget line?  Are you sticking to your budget?


wedding crazy April 21, 2010

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I’m in a group called Toastmasters, which is a leadership and speech-giving group.  It’s pretty cool and I enjoy putting my thoughts together and plus I talk for a living, so I can always use some help there.  Anyhoo, I’m giving a speech next week and it’s called, “How To I Do”, and it’s about how to get married frugally and sanely.  I wanted to post this section from my conclusion for those of you out there who’ve heard that you’ve got to spend $31,000 to have the “average” wedding.  The speech is only supposed to be five to seven minutes so I couldn’t get too in depth, but these were my top things:

The most important thing that you can do is figure out how to whittle your reception costs down as they generally make up almost half of your wedding costs.  The Mister and I did this by finding a reception venue that will let us bring in our own caterer and bartender.  Next on the cost cutting extravaganza was finding a wedding dress at a reasonable price. Whether you find a test dress like I did or find a used dress online, there are dresses out there that are gorgeous and couture, but won’t break the bank.  In terms of the smaller things like photography, favors, and flowers, finding someone who’s looking to build a client base and buying wholesale are a couple of ways that we’ve managed our bottom line.

Frugal ladies unite!  What are some ways that you’ve saved big money while planning your wedding?


I shouldn’t be telling you about this… March 24, 2010

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…because it’s totally going to ruin my chances of winning!  But have you heard about Target’s proposal story contest?  Well, where have you been?!  Go on over here and check it out…you could get a $3500 gift card out of the deal.  I’m sure the contest is just a trojan horse that will get them access to my address and email, but hey, it worked.  I want that card!

(And no, I’m not getting anything from Target for telling you guys about this…but I’ll take something if the Target people wanna break me off a little piece, lol!)


residual costs March 12, 2010

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I went to the eye doc this morning because I decided I’d more than likely be wearing contacts on the big day, so I need to get my eyes checked and order new contacts.  The doc was like, I only need to tweak your prescription…apparently that means a stronger prescription.  *sigh*  I’m sure I’ll literally be blind one day.  The Mister always makes fun of how little I can see without my glasses (yes, he actually calls me four eyes) and I tell him that he shouldn’t tease the disabled.

After my appointment I got to thinking of all the stuff that I’ve been doing that aren’t actually wedding costs because I can use them before & after the actual day…but I probably wouldn’t have done without the wedding as incentive.  Like these contacts (a years worth for $200) and the makeup I got ($200 for makeup and brushes) and this Invisalign treatment I’m doing.  Though in all fairness, I started that almost a year before The Mister asked me to marry him…but that’s thousands of dollars for straight teeth.

Do y’all remember that movie I’m Gonna Get You Sucka…whatever, you know you watched it!  I feel like I’m that lady who was full of fake parts.  She took off her leg, her hair…she was all fake!  Then I was like…oh my goodness, that’s me!  If I took out my braces, I’d have jacked up teeth.  If I took off my glasses, I’d be blind as a bat.  And without all of that makeup…Lord, Lord, Lord, lol!!  That’s not a good mental image. *shuddering*

So clearly these costs are well worth it.  But even though these numbers won’t end up in my final budget numbers…that’s still money spent.  So how do I archive it?  I’d really like to have true costs at the end of this deal.  What do you think?


this bud’s for you February 14, 2010

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I heart flowers.  I know it’s cliche, me being female and all, but I do.  They’re pretty, they smell good…they make me smile.  There was a guy at work who said he won’t get his wife flowers because they’ll just die and I was like, do you just eat rice and beans because “it’s all going to the same place” or do you like a nice steak or shrimp dinner every now and then? So I love Valentine’s Day because of the flowers.  The other day, my mom sent me these tulips:

So pretty and she sent a cute note about the next time I have pretty flowers in my hand will be on May 28th…she’s pretty fired up.  Then The Mister gave me some roses:

For our wedding, The Mister and I (or should I say the bridesmaids and I) will be doing our own flowers.  Since I love flowers so much, I knew I couldn’t afford the amount and quality of flowers that I desired by going through a florist, so I’m going through a wholesaler.  I’ll be able to do four bouquets, seven boutonnieres, six corsages, flowers for the chuppah, and all reception flowers (I wrote about it a bit here as well) for about $600.  Which, for our budget, is a lot, but like I said…I love flowers.  Here’s the flower breakdown:

  • 100 stems of roses ($60)
  • 60 stems of freesia ($60)
  • 6 blooms of gardenia for the corsages ($24)
  • 50 stems of sweet pea ($40)
  • 125 blooms of daisy mums ($30)
  • 50 stems of poms ($60)
  • 28 stems of lisianthus ($72)
  • a whole lot of baby’s breath ($24)
  • a whole lot of statice sinuata, another filler ($16)
  • a whole lot of ruscus, greenery ($39)

Ladies have been asking me what my bridal bouquet will look like…I tell them that I don’t know, I figure I’ll wing it when I see the flowers and put together a bouquet that strikes my fancy.  Those ladies look at me with pity…sometimes they giggle.  I miss the joke.  I also don’t know what the bridesmaids bouquets will look like, they can choose from the selection as well.  I kinda think that the boutonnieres will be similar but not necessarily exactly the same…I’m taking a class on how to arrange flowers, hopefully that helps..  The chuppah and reception flowers will be made up after that.  Seems simple enough to me.

But those ladies keep giving me that look.


tip of the hat February 11, 2010

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I can’t be the only one who’s heard about tipping your vendors and wondered if people are really doing this.  I can’t remember where I found this screen shot (you can click on it to make it bigger), but I was looking around about tips and this popped up.  Are you guys doing this much tipping?

For us, it’d come out like this:

Bar: $100

Waitstaff: $40

Reception site manager: $210-$280

DJ: $25

Caterer: $300-$400

So between $575 – $745 just on tips!!!   Wha?!!!  That’ll throw a wrench in the ole budget!

Am I the only cheap person that thinks that this is crazy?  What would your tip totals be?


weddzilla post February 7, 2010

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I’m not crafty…but I am cheap, lol!  And I asked my mom to make her super yummy cheesecakes for our reception…check over here to see how I’m solving the cake stand problem.  Didn’t know there was a problem with cake stands?  Well, there is!  They’re ridiculously expensive…unless you do it my way.


on sale December 25, 2009

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Getting something on sale is a wonderful thing…it makes me very happy.  Which leads to this pic of our lovely Christmas tree.

I bought this house in the summer of 2008 and realized quickly that the super cute tree that I’d want would give me a small stroke if I had to pay all of that money for it.  So I waited and just didn’t put one up last year and waited for after-Christmas sales.  I got that tree for $20 (original price: $300) and all of the ornaments were 75-90% off! I got ornaments that went for $6 and $7 for $1!  Even though it was a year ago, that fact still makes me smile.

So this should explain why spending so much money for a wedding day is still a bit of a struggle for me.  I’m admittedly cheap frugal and I like to get nice things (sometimes very nice things)…I just don’t want to pay full price for them.  So my nature tells me (and it knows!) that everything goes on sale at some point…you just gotta wait.  I think I’ve done pretty well so far and plan on having the best wedding for The Mister and I…and that means it’ll be perfect.

Merry Christmas everyone!  Eat too much, take a nap, and eat too much again!