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recaps: the day before June 24, 2010

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In hindsight, I can say that it is indeed true that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.  For as amazing and stress-free and wonderful and magical and unforgettable that my wedding day was…the day before?  Meh.

It started off as planned, I had to wash and flat iron my hair.  Remember my hair is natural, so it’s a bit of a project.  Then I was supposed to meet the ladies at my place at ten o’clock and we’d be off to do the flowers at the mansion.  One bridesmaid texted with car trouble.  Another had gotten pulled over by a cop on her way here.  Another had the wrong address programmed into her GPS.  *sigh*  I remember saying to my mom that this would all make for a funny story…later.

Anyhoo, we got to the mansion, did the flowers (which, by the way, the manager of the place loved and was asking to buy our containers…I said, “dude, if you want them when we’re done, you can have ’em”…one less thing for me to have to take home!), had to grab a quick bite then head off to get our nails done.

This is the diy-bride’s dilemma.  Everyone will tell you how “the bride” shouldn’t do work for the wedding and you should relax and get pampered.  Well, that’s an impossibility when you’re doing things yourself.  My nail lady kept telling me that I had to get my fingernails done and I kept telling her that I had work to do.  Anyhoo, she was much more persistent than I, so I got my fingers done.  Also my eyebrows…I was looking like Teen Wolf!  After that, off to the rehearsal dinner, which was held in a gym…seriously.

I’m gonna gloss over this, but here’s the deal.  My computer was giving me the blues on that Thursday morning, so I sent it in to get fixed.  But I figured before I let it out of my sight, I’d copy the wedding music (yes, the wedding ceremony music that we needed in order to have the ceremony!) onto a cd from my iTunes.  Well, iTunes wouldn’t open.  Small freakout, no big deal.  They were able to fix the computer and I was able to copy the ceremony music onto a disc as well as my iPod…whew!  Not naming names, but someone forgot to bring the ceremony music to the rehearsal dinner.  So we had to practice the ceremony without the music.  As you’d imagine, this didn’t make me happy.  I had to remove myself from the crowd to take many deep breaths…then it was okay.  Oh, and did I tell you that we were about a half an hour late to the rehearsal?  *sigh*

Here I am giving everyone the lowdown on what the haps were:

Here I am handing out gifts:

The wedding party:

Then it was back to my place for flowers because the ladies were worried about the amount of work that needed to be done.  My sis-in-law and I headed out to Walgreens for fake eyelashes since she did my makeup for the big day while they were at work.  Then I came back and rolled my hair for the next day (and messed up my manicure) and sat under the dryer while the ladies did flowers.

I probably got up at like 6 o’clock that morning and didn’t go to bed until 1 or 2 a.m…long day!  And I’m sure like every other bride, didn’t really sleep a wink…my heart was at a steady buzz.  The next day was the day and my brain wouldn’t turn off, so I laid in bed thinking about The Mister and wondering what he was up to and what he was thinking.


recaps: the flowers June 23, 2010

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Doing the flowers was the biggest project of wedding week, which of course couldn’t be completed well in advance…which is also why it was such a big project.  I love flowers and knew early on that I’d want lots of flowers, but also knew that I didn’t want to spend the more than two thousand dollars it would cost for all bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, ceremony and reception flowers.  Cue wholesale and I got everything done for about seven hundred…a pretty hefty savings.

Except for time…not really a savings on that one.  But the thirteen hundred I saved was well worth it…you’ll laugh at that statement when I tell you this next thing.  I didn’t do anything with the flowers.  Seriously.  Okay, when the FedEx dude delivered them, I took them out of the box they came in, cut, rinsed, fed, and placed them in buckets.  That was the last thing I really had to do with the flowers until they (superfabulous bridesmaids!) handed me a bouquet on Friday before the wedding.  Sure they asked me questions about what I liked (everything!), what looked good (everything!), and did I have a preference (nope, use your best judgment!).  I think they eventually got the idea that whatever they did would be fine with me.

I’d figured out that all of my running of errands had to be finished by Thursday so that “we” (by which I mean “they”) could do the flowers.  The flowers were delivered on that Wednesday and flower designing was to take place the next day.  Quick rundown of the day: flowers at reception site, mani pedis, rehearsal dinner, more flowers…’twas to be a long night.  Anyhoo, here’s some pics chicas:

Here’s how my gorgeous flowers arrived…less than impressive, no?

Those buckets I was telling you about…in my basement, you don’t need a refrigerator, fyi.

At the mansion where the reception was held…super small pic for some reason.  That’s me bending down tying ribbon to the containers…that headless lady at the top of the table is my mom.

Here are the bouquets…amazing right?

Beautiful flowers for the beautiful ladies…you can’t even tell that they’d been up ’til all hours doing those very flowers.

We don’t have pics of the boutonnieres or corsages…maybe I do somewhere, but I can’t find them right now and there are a lot of photos around here and you’ve probably got enough.  Here’s the last one…our pew balls.  I absolutely loved these.  They were the only flowers in the chapel and were totally wonderful.

Okey dokey pokeys…those were our flowers.  Those were the ladies that did the flowers.  They (the flowers and the ladies) made my day.


check out our poster June 22, 2010

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I just think this is the cutest thing ever!  I got it on Etsy from ellothere and here’s a proof of a poster they made for us:

Click on it to see the cuteness!!  I’m super excited about this…and for those of you wondering, yes we live in Illinois but we got married in Wisconsin.  Yippee!!  *clapping*  *dancing*


recaps: the ladies

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Keep in mind, awesome readers, that when you read recaps (mine or otherwise), you’re only getting what we want to give you.  If I wanted to tell you everything, I would have told you about the one thing The Mister was in charge of (an essential piece involved in obtaining the marriage certificate) that came scarily and unnecessarily close to not getting done in time for the wedding.  But I didn’t tell you about that because I want him to like me after I press “publish”, lol!  But I’ve been looking forward to writing this post since the Thursday before our wedding and I was surrounded by the most fabulous ladies ever.

Anyhoo, I don’t know if y’all remember Tina Fey’s skit (read it here if you’d like) from a few year’s ago, “B*tch is the New Black”, but it was an ode to ladies (mistakenly called b*tches by dudes that are afraid of strong women) who know how to work it out.  She talks about a lot of funny stuff, but the line that gets me is: “b*tches get stuff done!”  I love it!  Probably because I fit the bill…and because the ladies I had around me before the wedding got. stuff. done.

From the lady from my job that coordinated the rehearsal dinner, wedding, and reception flawlessly to my mom to my bridesmaids…I was awestruck at the power of women.   Not just that we did a lot, but just the ladies themselves.  I consider myself to be lucky to know these ladies who are running things in their careers.  Smart, beautiful, wise…do-ers, not talkers.  I have to tell you that I felt like a weight had been pulled off of my shoulders when I saw them, because I knew that I could trust these ladies to help me enact my vision for the wedding.

I can’t wait to tell y’all about all of the cool stuff that we did, but for now, just know that the people you choose to surround yourself with before your wedding are vital to your sanity.  Remember we’d talked about the stress of the day, the fact that the day is “big” even if you’re trying to downplay it, that you’ll be nervous?  So the last thing you need is for the folks close to you to raise your stress level.

Have you thought about your wedding day “helpers”?  Are they friends or family or both?  Hopefully you’ll be as lucky as I was!


recaps: bridal shower June 21, 2010

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So I’m not from here.  No one I know is from here.  But the wedding was here.  That proved to be a bit of a challenge, mostly in that my house had to be wedding central.  I’d told you that my to-do list was at about forty things on the Sunday of the wedding and I knew that it had to be finished by Wednesday night because that’s when my shower was…and there were flowers to design and a chuppah to build.

Anyhoo, the fun started on Wednesday night with my bridal shower that my maid of honor threw for me.  Let me tell y’all, she’s just like me, so when she threw a shower…she threw a shower!  There was a color scheme, good food, fun games, and of course lingerie!  Here are some pics:

Here’s my beautiful maid of honor, a little blurry huh?  She put in some work on the shower to make it fun.

Game recognizes game…these two ladies hit it off right away.  That’s my mom and Melissa, the maid of honor, getting ready for the shower.

That’s me, smiling a bit too hard, wearing my superfly “bride to be” sash.

A closeup of that same table.

This was pretty cool.  Melissa asked me early on what I wanted for the shower and I said I needed cookbooks and lingerie.  So she figured out a way to get both done.  She got people to write down their favorite recipes for me…and also their marriage advice…pretty cool.  And I got lots of cute undies that came in quite handy on the honeymoon!

So that was my Wednesday…two days before the big day.  I had a blast and was so excited for all of the people I love to be in one place, so this was the first step.  At this point I was incredibly tired from running around like a crazy person and not sleeping because I was sure I was forgetting something…perfect timing for reinforcements to come in!


first dance May 30, 2010

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Okay peeps, one of my bridesmaids sent a few pics over.  She’s got some good prep photos, so hopefully I’ll post those later.  But here are a couple teasers:

I’m not making the cutest face is this pic, but check out that hair…it was slammin’!  Playas, I did that myself and my hair is not chemically straightened and it lasted throughout the day and me sweating it out during the reception.

Here’s one where you can see my husband.  I like both of these pics because you can see our rings in them…isn’t The Mister one handsome dude?!!

I had such a blast at our wedding and reception…I’m sure there’ll be pics posted of that later.  But now I’ve got to get packing for our honeymoon…leaving here at 3:30 in the morning.