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S.O.S.! New Year’s Eve emergency December 27, 2010

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Okay y’all, The Mister and I are hitting the town for New Year’s Eve and I have an outfit that I wanna wear, but I need accessories…stat!  I originally bought this dress for our rehearsal dinner, but then thought it would be too fancy.  So I didn’t buy stuff that would work for winter.  That’s where you come in.

Here’s the dress, from Anthropologie…fits great!  It hits about 2 or 3 inches above the knee…fitted bodice, almost bubble skirt-y on the bottom.:

And the sweater (from Ann Taylor Loft…originally for a work outfit) I have to wear with it because it’s going to be winter in Chicago!!:

So what kind of tights and shoes can I wear with this?

I like these…would they work?  Or would that be too much grey?  The dress is a metallic silver and cream. Should I go with a colored shoe?  Sparkly?  Help!!


MIA November 23, 2010

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Let’s take it back for a moment ladies…to the time when we were single.  Remember when you’d see a cutie and think, “I wonder if ole boy is married?” while stealing glances at his left hand and praying for nothing shiny to be there.  Now bring it forward and let me ask you a question:

How would you feel if your husband didn’t wear his wedding band?

I’m not talking about in the case where his job just doesn’t allow for it…like he works with his hands and would put himself in danger by wearing a wedding band.  I’m talking about the guy who just doesn’t want to wear it…who says that he’s not used to wearing jewelry or whatever.  What do you think about that?

Whenever I see a guy not wearing his ring, I always wonder what’s up with that?  Did he just forget?  Does he “forget” often?  Is he shady and trying to see if something could go down?  Does he like female attention even though he won’t do anything about it?  What do you think about it?


these would be handy July 15, 2010

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I saw these at Walgreen’s this morning…I wish I’d known about them before the wedding I went to a few weeks ago.  They’re flats that come inside a little wristlet that you can carry into the party and when your feet start hollering, you can trade out your heels for them.  What a great idea!  Plus you can probably stash your phone and stuff in there too.  All for $12…it’s a steal!


check out our poster June 22, 2010

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I just think this is the cutest thing ever!  I got it on Etsy from ellothere and here’s a proof of a poster they made for us:

Click on it to see the cuteness!!  I’m super excited about this…and for those of you wondering, yes we live in Illinois but we got married in Wisconsin.  Yippee!!  *clapping*  *dancing*


last hurrah May 21, 2010

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So I’m thinking that this is pretty much the last time I’ll have to mess around online looking at wedding stuff.  My mom’s coming in tomorrow and the nitty gritty “to-do” list stuff will start to get done.  So here’s what I found while bopping around on Etsy.  As with all pics on this site, just click on it to go to the source page.

For those folks looking for a different kind of wedding band…

These are awesome!  Invitations and reply cards…though I don’t know in what instance you’d use them.  Too cute!

This clutch is way cute.

We’ve already gotten The Mister’s ring, obviously the invitations are finished, and I’ve got my reception clutch…but this is something I wouldn’t mind having at the house.  I can actually see this hanging in our living room in my mind’s eye…so it’ll probably be purchased at some point:


Weddzilla post May 17, 2010

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When I was a kid, I got to spend my summers with my grandmother and I always had so much fun with her.  So I was super excited when my mom gave me a special ring of my grandmother’s to wear as my “something old” for our wedding.  My grandma was a pretty awesome lady and I feel special that I get t o wear it…read about it over here.


can we be “that” couple? May 10, 2010

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You know who I’m talking about…they match their outfits when they go out.  He may call her “the old ball & chain”.  Normally those folks make me throw up a little in my mouth, but these are pretty cute.  Not for all of the time…can’t we just wear them on the plane to our honeymoon?  We get a pass for being cheesy then don’t we?  Don’t we?!

Is this beyond cheesy or just too cute?