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kid accessories May 6, 2010

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Stuff for the flower girl and ring bearer…haven’t really thought about it all that much.  So I hopped on Etsy today and saw some cute stuff.

This is cool…plus we could keep it afterwards:

I really like all of these…except they seem a little too flowery.  Maybe this can be my statement on the gender neutrality of inanimate objects?

I am loving those pillows!!  My idea for The Mister was to have him give his daughter (who’ll be our flower girl) a ring at the ceremony too.  Maybe we can attach her ring to one of these cutie patootie pillows and he can give it to her at the altar and then the ring bearer can carry a disc like the one on top with our rings on it.  Does that make sense or is it too complicated?  Plus I’m a little nervous about putting our rings in the care of five-year-olds.

Anyone else have ideas?


more shopping May 4, 2010

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It’s cute because it’s a bear…get it?  Ring bear-er?  *slapping knee*  Well, at least the five year old who’s wearing it will think it’s funny.  (I think it’s adorable!).


something old April 20, 2010

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When my mom came over this weekend, she brought this ring along with her.  It belonged to my grandma and mom says she used to wear it all the time.  This is why our wedding is important to me.   Not because of my dress (which looked superfly when I tried it on this weekend…woot, woot!) or the decorations or the food or dancing.  But because my mom’s been holding on to my grandma’s ring since she passed away seven years ago so that I could wear it at my wedding.  How awesome is that?


just married April 16, 2010

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So there’s lots of kitschy stuff out there for after you’ve gotten married and yes…I think they’re hokey.  And yes, I’ll probably get something, lol!  I feel like I’ve got a narrow window to shout from the rooftops that, “HEY!  I just got married and I’m super excited about it!!”  We’re traveling a lot in the month after the wedding (honeymoon, The Mister’s work trip, another wedding) and I feel like that’s an acceptable time frame for openly bragging and telling anyone within earshot that we’ve just gotten married.  I know, I know…it’s fishing for compliments, but I’m only getting married once so I’ve only got this one shot.

I like this flagging for the reception maybe…not a lot of bang for the buck though.  I can’t really run around holding a just married flag, might make for a cool pic though, $14:

This is a sign that I liked more for the wording than the practicality.  I liked that we’ll be officially “established” as a little baby family in 2010…pricey though, $50:

Luggage tags!  So cute, so practical…and may get us upgraded to first class!!  Still priced a bit steeply though…$35 each.  Sure they’ve got a leather backing, but I don’t know if I need $70 worth of luggage tags!:

So what do you think?  Clearly I’m gonna get something “just married-y”…which do you like the best?


under current April 15, 2010

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My mom is coming into town this weekend and I’m pretty fired up.  As we get closer to the wedding date, she’s getting super excited and I’m getting super excited…so we’ll have a very excited weekend.

The to-do list is pretty short.  Probably shopping (why not?) and getting undergarments for the wedding dress.  I’m fired up about this for a couple of  reasons.  I’ll get to try on my dress and shoes and whatnot, plus I know that mom’ll be pretty stoked to see me all dudded up in my wedding dress.

Here are some options for undies for the big day.  I’d worry about a little pooch poking out in this one, but it’s cute:

I think this is the one I wore when I first bought my dress.  I liked it because it gave me boobs!  I remember thinking, “I didn’t come into the store with these things!”:

This last one looks like it’d keep everything together:

Do you know what you’re wearing underneath yet?  Bra…full body deal…corset?  “Experts” say to buy a bunch of different ones and see which fits the best and return the rest…is anyone doing that?


wedding bands April 11, 2010

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After church today, The Mister and I went looking for wedding bands.  The timing wasn’t great, after church is usually naptime.  Or rather, grab some food and then catch a nap-time.  But since we’re kinda running out of time, I figured we should get on it.  We went to four different jewelers just to get an idea of what he’d like and these are our top choices as of now:

Our fave:

Runner up…hammered gold:

This one’s different…maybe too different:

What do you think?  The Mister’s got incredibly large fingers (size 15!) so that limits some of what we can do in terms of rings.  He was pretty thoughtful about the whole process which was pretty cool.  He’d try on a ton of rings, ask a lot of questions, ask about sale prices…I was impressed!  I tried to stand back and let him run the show and not be too bossy and I like the choices that he came up with.

Now I just want to check online to see if I can beat the prices those folks quoted me before I drop the kind of cash they were talking.  Have you and your dude gone looking for rings yet?  How was he during the process?


I think I know the answer March 31, 2010

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This is $20.

I think it’s pretty cute.

But I don’t need it.

Is this a waste of money?

A monogrammed bouquet holder?