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Do you really want to be married? October 17, 2010

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It’s sometimes what I think when I hear some of my friends loooong list of demands desires in a mate.  A friend of mine posted this on Facebook and I thought it was too funny…it’s called Black Marriage Negotiations!  They’re literally at the board room table hashing it out!  But, and maybe I’m wrong, I don’t think that this type of attitude is solely in the Black community.  I’ve got plenty of friends who aren’t Black with their hands on their collective hips talking about what they want in a man.

Anyhoo, I’m not saying ladies need to pick up dude from off of the exit ramp holding up his cardboard sign…but there’s a lot of good men out there.  And remember, in order to demand perfection…you’ve got to be perfect yourself.

Here’s the video…hit me up in the comments with what you think.


odds and ends May 21, 2010

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Busy day today…t minus one week ’til the wedding!

I got up this morning and had my final killer workout.  This is the first time that I thought about not finishing…then I remember that I plan on wearing a bikini in a little over a week.  FYI, it’s a circuit that is two minutes of abs and three minutes of sprints on the treadmill repeated ten times.  Bru.Tal.

Anyhoo, after that, The Mister and I went to pick up our marriage certificate.  Let’s not talk about why we’re so late in picking up this essential piece of paperwork, let’s just praise the Lord that we have it.  $90…is that normal?  What did you all have to pay for your license?  The lady who issued us the certificate then had us raise our right hands and verify that everything we’d told her was true…wasn’t expecting that one.

After that we went looking for shoes for The Mister.  I think they’re pretty good looking:

After that long afternoon of license getting and shoe buying, then we went for food.  I’ve got some weird switch in my head that once hunger strikes it’s all I can think about, so I was on food patrol!  We went for Chinese and this is the fortune I got:

On May 28th perhaps?


things that keep me up at night… February 24, 2010

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…aka: my wedding to-do list.  And the problem with this thing is that it’s constantly morphing into something bigger and badder.  Everytime I think I’ve tamed this unwieldy beast…it outwits me and continues to grow. *sigh*  Here’s where we stand now:

Info for the officiant (which happens to be The Mister’s dad)

  • I’ve got to pick up our marriage licence info, but it’s only good for 30 days, so I can’t get it that far in advance.
  • We’ve got to talk to his dad about the ceremony.  He tends to be a bit, um, verbose…so we’ve got to let him know that we want to keep it movin’.
  • With that, I need to come up with a ceremony outline.
  • His dad lives in Illinois but we’re getting married in Wisconsin, so he’s got to get a letter from a local pastor vouching for him (that’s weird, right?)

Stuff that needs to happen sooner rather than later

  • Our reception site’s letting us bring in our own bartender and alcohol, but I need to pick up an insurance rider to do it
  • I haven’t gotten The Mister a wedding band…and haven’t decided on engraving yet either.
  • Address & mail the invitations.
  • I need to come up with a full day timeline for everyone (wedding party & vendors).
  • Build chuppah for ceremony.

Stuff that I’ll probably leave ’til the last minute

  • Ordering food for rehearsal dinner picnic.
  • Buy vases to sit the bouquets in at the reception.
  • Shop for clothes for honeymoon.
  • Create the wedding program.
  • Buy a strapless bra for wedding dress.
  • Figure out what we’re doing for transportation that day.

Stuff that I think about but can wait

  • Name change info.
  • Thank you cards.

That’s it for now…how’s your list looking?  Are you stressing or feeling good?  Do you have all the major stuff (ceremony/reception sites, flowers, food, photagrapher) taken care of?