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vision board July 17, 2010

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So The Mister and I got together the other day and put together our vision board.  What’s that you ask?  A visual representation of what you want to happen in your future.  Like if  you want to live on the ocean in a beautiful house, find a picture of that house on the ocean.  Or if you want to lose weight find a picture of the physique you want to have.

Then you go through magazines and find pictures of that stuff and put them on a poster or foam board.  After that, pray over it.  Some folks say that just by putting it out there that you’ll “attract” those things into your life…but I believe in prayer.  Anyhoo, here’s ours:

If you click on it, you can see it better.  But starting top left and going down and around:  money stuff…getting out of debt, saving, investing, getting rich; then babies; getting/staying fit; traveling the world…pics of different places we’d like to go; a car The Mister wants; and then some motivational quotations.  There are also a couple of Bible verses on there.  I’d done a vision board back when I lived in H-Town and put these on there and loved them (as a matter of fact, getting married was on my vision board back then!), so used them again.

Have you and your hubby/fiance done anything like this?