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Christmas shopping for the younguns December 21, 2010

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You’re probably wondering why I have pics of half naked dudes on my blog (I know The Mister is, lol!) and it’s because my niece and nephew wanted stuff from Abercrombie & Fitch.  Have you been there lately?  Oh  my goodness…it’s like an assault on all of your senses!

The music is so loud it makes your eyes squint.  And the air is saturated with cologne so that makes your nose scrunch up.  There are pictures of scantily clad young people everywhere…making you feel like a pedofile.  What the eff?  So all old fogies like myself are walking around in a deafened daze wondering who prefers to shop in this atmosphere. Seriously, who???

I know you’re thinking, “people much younger than you!”, and you’re probably right.  Anyhoo, after I screamed at the sales dudes, “I’D LIKE TO BUY TWO GIFTS CARDS PLEASE”, I scooted out of there as soon as I could.

Have you had this sort of other-worldly experience while doing your Christmas shopping?


Christmas gifts for hubby December 8, 2010

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Have you thought about what you’re getting your hubs for Christmas?  Do you guys set spending limits?  Or do you go wild and crazy?  As I’ve said before, we’re on triple secret probation after spending lots of loot on the wedding and honeymoon, so we’ll probably take it easy.  We haven’t set a limit on each other (yet) but I think we both know the deal.

So here’s what I was thinking for The Mister:

But he doesn’t really wear cologne…unfortunately.  When he puts on aftershave, I literally glue my nose to his face and inhale the smell right off of it, lol!  I don’t think he really like it though.  So then I thought of getting him a planner…because he asks me for one every year.  Not sexy, I know.

But then whenever I get him something like this, I feel like I should get something else…know what I mean?  Like this is a gift that I could get my boss, lol!  The other thing I thought about are personal development books, he’s always reading something or the other about making money or entrepreneurship or just being a better human being.

I know, I know…this isn’t a sexy idea either.  So, of course I thought of getting some snazzy bedroom attire that would be his gift to unwrap (if you know what I mean)…but I’m sure you can image the pictures that come up on Google Images when you type “lingerie” in there! Whoa!

Any thoughts?

Disclaimer:  The Mister subscribes to this blog, so I’ve already ruled these things out…but maybe he’ll start dropping stronger hints since I’m not picking up on what he’s dropping!!


thank you’s May 13, 2010

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Like I said, we’re getting to the nitty gritty here and I’m trying to tie everything up and make sure I got it all together.  Of course we’re doing gifts for our wedding party and parents at the rehearsal dinner.    I’ve already gotten folks gifts, but I was wondering about this for an additional gift:

These are “Thanks A Lot” Girl Scout cookies.  Trust me, I can attest that they’re quite tasty and they’re also super cute.  They say “thank you” in English, French, Spanish, Chinese, and Swahili…how ’bout that?  What about those for additional gifts for the rehearsal dinner?  Or how about for those folks who are staying at our host hotel?  Maybe we could put a box in each room with a little note?  If we didn’t already have our favors together, a couple of these would make nice wedding favors too, huh?

These certainly aren’t essential or necessary…but they certainly are cute.  What say you?


y’all… March 17, 2010

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…I am beat!  Those are my feet and I promptly kicked them up when I got home.

I took a day off from work…to get work done for the wedding, lol!  I got some good exercise to start the day and then I finished addressing all of our invitations, then went shopping for gifts for the wedding party.  Got the maid of honor a gift, already had gotten the bridesmaids their gifts, got both moms, a grandma, and a dad’s gift.  I’m cruisin’ baby!  Just need flower girl, neice, and nephew…oh, and The Mister!  I’m thinking of suggesting that we write each other notes to exchange instead of buying gifts.  It’s not because I don’t want to get him something, it’s just that I can’t think of anything and my brain hurts from trying.  Plus it might actually be kinda sweet.

Anyhoo, to reward myself for working so hard, I decided that I was gonna make me some popcorn and watch a movie.

What did y’all do today?


groom’s gift March 8, 2010

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Are you and your hubby-to-be exchanging gifts for the wedding?  The Mister and I are…except I’m stuck on what to get for him.  Classically, I think the gift is supposed to be a timepiece…I think this one is sporty and classy all rolled up into one:

It’s nice, but pricey and I’d rather not break the bank.  He’s always using sunglasses in the summertime and it’d be a cool gift because he could wear them on our honeymoon:

These are the least expensive of the three things that I’m looking at…but they’re also guaranteed to get destroyed because he goes through sunglasses like chewing gum.  That leaves the iPhone…he’s been whining about wanting an iPhone since I’ve known him.  And no, I don’t know why he hasn’t just bought one himself:

I could get an iPhone for $100, which isn’t bad and I know he’d be super fired up.  So what do you think?  If you had to choose between these three items for your future hubby, which would you choose?