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foiled again August 8, 2010

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This is a super cute bunny.  This is also the bunny that made me question my toughness.  I mean, I thought I was the original tough girl…certain to ignite fear into the likes of a bunny small enough to fit into my hand.  But alas, there I was, taking a picture with my cell phone…about an inch away from said bunny and he didn’t bat an eye.  I was talking to him the whole time:  you’d better be afraid of me mister…I’m a lot bigger than you! I was weeding our sorely neglected flower beds and this bunny was chilling right in the line of fire and would not move.  I even poked it in the booty (seriously!) and it just sat there.  Only when he was good and ready did he hop away, then I was annoyed:  oh, now you leave…hmpfft!!

Then I got finished weeding and realized why my bunny friend was slow in leaving the flower bed:

Look at my border of flowers on the edge there.  Do you see something missing toward the bottom of the pic?  That’s right…the flowers!  That jerky bunny and his bunny friends have been eating my flowers!!  Suddenly he’s not so cute anymore.  I don’t want to put up a rabbit fence…does anyone have other ideas on deterring rabbits from eating up my cute flowers?