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recaps: the honeymoon July 7, 2010

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Hey y’all…just realized that I didn’t talk about our honeymoon.  It was a blast and I’d highly recommend going very soon after your wedding if you can.  Personally, it was nice to separate from “the wedding” and go and be a couple because as soon as we got back, everyone wanted to talk about “the wedding”.  Which is great, of course, because I loved our wedding…but remember we’ve all talked about how we want to focus on our hubbies and our relationships, right?  So if you can…leave, lol!  But if you can’t, just try to limit “the wedding” talk because ole boy was probably getting sick of it before the wedding, so he’ll certainly be over it after you’re actually married.

Anyhoo, here’s some pics from Puerto Vallarta.  Here’s one from the window of our first hotel (we stayed in two while we were down there), not bad huh?:

A tasty beverage I had while we were there…the drink was very happy to see me:

The Mister went snorkeling in between these rock formations.  Why didn’t I go?  Because our tour guide made such a big deal about needing to be a strong swimmer or else  you’d get pulled off by the currents.  Ummm, no thanks pal…I’ll just stay on the boat and take pictures:

We went to a dinner theater thing that was super fab…here’s one of the characters that came by while we were eating:

Here we are on the final zip of our zip line tour.  We were racing…The Mister won (and they even gave me a push):

Where are you going/did you go on your honeymoon?  Did you go right after the wedding or wait a while?  Would you go back?


talk about it June 7, 2010

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So here are you options to figure out why I’m making this super awesome face in this picture:

1)  I stepped in doggie doo
2)  I’m not a big fan of iguanas and, as you can see, The Mister is holding one
3)  The man who forced the iguana on us is saying something about “pesos” and my Spanish isn’t up to par

You guessed it!  He puts the critter all over The Mister (in his arms, on his head, next to me) and then we’re taking this last picture and that’s when I heard him asking for money.  My Spanish isn’t great, but I sure enough heard “pesos” and that’s what I’m saying to The Mister out the side of my mouth.  *Through gritted teeth* “Did he say pesos?”  I mean…he hadn’t mentioned wanting loot before, we thought he was just being friendly.  And sure enough, after he finished taking the pics, he followed us around asking for money for a while.

Anyhoo, our time in Puerto Vallarta has been a blast…I’ll have pics coming up in a bit, but I wanted to recap in order.  We’ve done lots here:  cruises, tours, zip lines.  Ten days is a good amount of time to be away together…not too short, not too long.

Here’s one thing that we could’ve done better…tell more people that we’re on our honeymoon.  People love newlyweds!  Random people come to talk to us, we get free drinks, everyone’s happy that we’re happy, we’ve even gotten hotel upgrades.  The popular joke here is that they can tell that we’re honeymooners because The Mister looks tired and I look happy.

He is and I am…so it’s good all around!


can we be “that” couple? May 10, 2010

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You know who I’m talking about…they match their outfits when they go out.  He may call her “the old ball & chain”.  Normally those folks make me throw up a little in my mouth, but these are pretty cute.  Not for all of the time…can’t we just wear them on the plane to our honeymoon?  We get a pass for being cheesy then don’t we?  Don’t we?!

Is this beyond cheesy or just too cute?


whoa nelly! April 25, 2010

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I was just getting ready to grab my mouse  and head off to some website and buy more clothes for our marathon month after our wedding:  10-day honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta, 5-day Arizona trip, then another wedding…and that’s when I realized that I should probably actually check and see what I’d already bought for all of that stuff.  It’s amazing how hard it is to shut off that shopping switch in my head.

Anyhoo, this is what I’ve got so far.

From J.Crew…on final sale, a cute brightly colored halter:

Got this at Ann Taylor Loft on super sale (on sale after the sale price)!  I think I tied the belt too tight…but trust me, it’s very cute:

This is such a cute dress from Anthropologie…you just can’t tell from this pic, lol!  Anyhoo, I’d planned on wearing it to our rehearsal dinner, but it’s gonna be uber-casual so I’ll probably use it for something else (as well as the honeymoon of course):

I’d totally forgotten about this dress!  I got it at least six or seven years ago at Ann Taylor and it’s absolutely lovely!  It fits like a glove but is comfy:

And of course shorts…and when I wear shorts, they’re short!:

So that’s what I’ve got so far.  Plus I’ve got plenty of cute skirts and tops that’ll work for the trips as well.  And I feel like I should at least pretend that I’m going to work out, so I’ll have to pack running shoes and workout clothes.  The only thing that I need to buy are swimsuits and a cover up.

Disclaimer: just because I don’t need to buy anything doesn’t mean that I won’t!


the ‘moon! March 2, 2010

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Like I’d told y’all before, we’re going to Puerto Vallarta for the honeymoon…I’m getting kinda fired up.  At first I was a bit annoyed, because I don’t really like hot weather and I’m definitely a sweat-er (which is not a good look), but I’m starting to get into it.  Mostly because if we’re on a honeymoon, that means we’re married (!!) and that’s a very good thing.

Here’s our honeymoon schedule:

  • June 1 – 5:  hanging in Puerto Vallarta on our own and just checking things out.
  • June 5 – 9: still in PV, but as part of a group trip (which really kept costs down) in an all-inclusive resort.  I’m pretty excited about this!  The fee includes all transfers and taxes and whatnot.  Also all drinks (pop, water, alcohol, beer, and coffee) and there are shows every night!  We’ll have access to four restaurants, four swimming pools, two jacuzzis, lots of fitness equipment, and be able to go on ecotours or go horseback riding…pretty nice huh?
  • June 10 – 15: then we’re off to Phoenix, AZ where The Mister has a business meeting ( I know right?  Who schedules a meeting for right after their wedding?  Well…he didn’t schedule the meeting, so I guess he’s off the hook) and this is where it’s at:
  • I just went to the hotel website and found out that it’s frickin’ amazing!  There’s golfing (I mean, whatever…I don’t golf, but still), a sweet spa, a crazy fitness center, a bunch of really nice restaurants, tennis courts, and a Starbucks (praise God!).  Not too bad…I think I can make it work, lol!

I’m getting a bit fired up now…we’ll be married for three days, then our adventure starts.  I’ve started shopping for the trip a little.  I got an off season dress at Ann Taylor Loft that’s super cute…also some cute shorts there, both on sale of course.  I got those gladiator sandals from J. Crew that I’d shown y’all before and they also had a cute orange sundress on sale, got that too.  I’d love to get a couple more dresses and a couple of skirts then I should be good.

I take any helpful hints on things that you think that I should pack.  So, where are you going for your honeymoon?  For how long?  Are you leaving the day after your ceremony?  Are you getting excited?


honeymoon! February 19, 2010

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The Mister’s taking care of the honeymoon details and told me that we’re going to Puerto Vallarta, MX for a week and a half.  I’d said I wasn’t all that fired up about going somewhere hot because I’m just not a hot weather girl.  I sweat a lot…not cute.  The Mister wanted somewhere hot and beachy to see me in swimsuits (which I don’t own), so…we’re going somewhere hot and beachy.

This is another expense that should be added to the whole wedding planning bit…getting ready for the ‘moon!  I’ll need lingerie (right?), cute clothes, and swimsuits.  I saw a couple on Victoria’s Secret that I liked:

I figure this is the best time to bust out a two piece since I’ll be coming off of my wedding weight…

This’ll be nice for doing stuff, I think the other is just for looking cute…

And from what I understand, I’ll need a coverup, this one’s cute…

What do you guys think?  Have you started thinking about your honeymoon? Are you handling it or is your hubby-to-be?