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weddzilla post March 30, 2010

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Don’t know about y’all, but an open bar was a pretty essential part of our wedding planning.  But an open bar at a hotel or reception hall is crazy expensive.  Go and read here about how that one choice led us to our reception venue.  Did you guys have any early choices that drove major decisions?


partay January 13, 2010

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I wanted to show you guys the mansion where we’re having our reception, it is really beautiful and requires little to no decorating.

This is the entryway to the mansion.  I should’ve taken pics of the doors…they’re amazing!  Gigantic, wide, old wooden doorways…awesome.  Anyhoo, the mansion was around back in Abe Lincoln’s days and has been restored to look like it did back then.  That staircase could be a nice place for some wedding pics, huh?

This is the Bride’s Room…where me and the ladies will freshen up.  It’s a pretty big room with a large bath attached.

This is the Groom’s Room.  Clearly the place is staged to look like it was back in the day and it’s impressive in person.  The Mister had a nice idea to share a bottle of champagne with the wedding party right away when we get to the mansion and before we face the crowds…that’ll probably happen here.

Just a random hallway to show how things are decorated there.

This is a nice bay window that’ll be where the DJ sets up.  For the first hour and a half, this room will be for sit down eating and will turn into a dance floor later on in the night.

The mansion sets up the outside patio as well, it’s really nice and they’ve got twinkle lights on all of those bushes so that it’ll look pretty at night.  There’s a wrap-around porch on the other side that I didn’t take a picture of.

I feel like I didn’t do justice to the mansion with my pics, mostly because I’d just gotten my camera and didn’t know how to work it well when I took these…and because it’s the little details that make the space so gorgeous.  The light fixtures, the bathroom fixtures, the woodwork, the decorations…it really is a nice place.  Plus they’re letting me bring in my own caterer and my own alcohol and bartender.

That’s our spot…and I’m excited.


choices December 18, 2009

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I know that everyone’s gone through the same deal:  The Mister asks, we scream/cry/holler “yes”, then we say…well, now what?

Since all of us ladies (contrary to popular belief) aren’t born with some sort of wedding gene or haven’t spent our entire lives planning a wedding and then just spend our time trying to hunt down some poor soul to fit into a plan that’s been in place long before he was even a thought.  *deep breath*  Whew, now that was a run-on sentence if I’ve ever seen one, but you get the point.

I hadn’t given it a lot of thought until he asked.  After chatting a bit after, we both quickly realized that an open bar would be an essential part of any wedding that involved the two of us.  That one bit of information had a surprisingly limiting effect on our reception venues.  If you do the whole hotel wedding/reception deal, then liquor is crazy expensive and since I’m cheap frugal, I couldn’t imagine paying thousands for a some cocktails.  So before I’d even taken time to think about how I wanted the wedding and reception to feel (which is highly important!), I knew we needed a place that’d let us bring our own drinks.

It’s pretty amazing to think how that one choice (a very important detail for The Mister and I) led us to the most amazing Victorian mansion where we’ll hold our reception.  I thought just by the looks of it that it would be well out of our price range, but the manager guy (good ole Ray) said, “we’ve got a Friday in May left…and it’s $1000 cheaper for events on Friday or Sunday.”  Wha?!  And I can choose my own caterer?  Yes.  And I can bring in alcohol?  Yes.  And all of the guests will be bowled over by how beautiful this place is?  Yes.

So there it is…how we’ll end up getting married on a Friday:  because we want our friends & family to be able to drink to their heart’s content without silently adding up drink prices in our heads the whole night.

Plus, the venue will provide tables, linens, chairs, and setup (*clapping*)…yay!!  Plus, plus:  the place is decorated so beautifully that I can keep those pennies that would’ve gone to decorating in my pocket.  Seriously, we’re not decorating.  No, really. Nothing.  Except for flowers, but I’m a little nutty about flowers…I’m sure there’ll be more about that later.