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the ‘moon! March 2, 2010

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Like I’d told y’all before, we’re going to Puerto Vallarta for the honeymoon…I’m getting kinda fired up.  At first I was a bit annoyed, because I don’t really like hot weather and I’m definitely a sweat-er (which is not a good look), but I’m starting to get into it.  Mostly because if we’re on a honeymoon, that means we’re married (!!) and that’s a very good thing.

Here’s our honeymoon schedule:

  • June 1 – 5:  hanging in Puerto Vallarta on our own and just checking things out.
  • June 5 – 9: still in PV, but as part of a group trip (which really kept costs down) in an all-inclusive resort.  I’m pretty excited about this!  The fee includes all transfers and taxes and whatnot.  Also all drinks (pop, water, alcohol, beer, and coffee) and there are shows every night!  We’ll have access to four restaurants, four swimming pools, two jacuzzis, lots of fitness equipment, and be able to go on ecotours or go horseback riding…pretty nice huh?
  • June 10 – 15: then we’re off to Phoenix, AZ where The Mister has a business meeting ( I know right?  Who schedules a meeting for right after their wedding?  Well…he didn’t schedule the meeting, so I guess he’s off the hook) and this is where it’s at:
  • I just went to the hotel website and found out that it’s frickin’ amazing!  There’s golfing (I mean, whatever…I don’t golf, but still), a sweet spa, a crazy fitness center, a bunch of really nice restaurants, tennis courts, and a Starbucks (praise God!).  Not too bad…I think I can make it work, lol!

I’m getting a bit fired up now…we’ll be married for three days, then our adventure starts.  I’ve started shopping for the trip a little.  I got an off season dress at Ann Taylor Loft that’s super cute…also some cute shorts there, both on sale of course.  I got those gladiator sandals from J. Crew that I’d shown y’all before and they also had a cute orange sundress on sale, got that too.  I’d love to get a couple more dresses and a couple of skirts then I should be good.

I take any helpful hints on things that you think that I should pack.  So, where are you going for your honeymoon?  For how long?  Are you leaving the day after your ceremony?  Are you getting excited?


shooting stuff January 6, 2010

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That’s The Mister’s hand…and no we are not registering for the Slap Chop.

I actually had a friend tell me that I shouldn’t register with The Mister, but rather take a friend or my mom…she said everyone always gets in fights.  Well, we haven’t gotten in a fight, it’s pretty fun actually.  We work pretty well together…I’m the organizer and he’s the shooter.   I quickly scan the store with my keen shopping eye (LOL!) and pick three options, like “which do you like better…that one, that one, or that one?”  He says “that one”, I say “shoot it!” and we move on.  We did that with everything…from fine china to candles.

I’ve got a fun picture of him holding up a Sham Wow box…I put it on our wedding website.

So I apparently have the secret to stress free registering, so I’ll fill you in.  First, I came up with a plan.  Macy’s for fine & everyday china, luggage, and nicer kitchen items.  Bed Bath & Beyond for towels, sheets, pots and pans, kitchen gadgets and the Jack LaLane juicer that The Mister insisted on putting on the list (*sigh*).  Target for electronics, storage items, a grill…but don’t get me started on Target!  Just tried to register there and the stupid scanner gun didn’t work, there was a dude passed out in the front and The Mister was a good samaritan and asked if he was okay and he’s like, “don’t call 911…I’m a bum!”  Ooookay.  Suffice it to say we’re going to a different Target on Sunday.

We didn’t double register for items even though the lady at Macy’s and the dude at BB&B (who was waaay too attentive) kept pitching their stores as the place (we’ll match their price or we’ve got a 20% off coupon)…this has kept our registering trips short.  Also, we signed up for a honeymoon registry where you can have people sign up to buy certain parts of the ‘moon.  Like, someone could buy us a couples massage or a happy hour…pretty cool.

Anyhoo, it’s been fun and cool to get to know the things he likes and to know that we can work well together.


coming to a post office near you January 4, 2010

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Hey that’s us!  We sent these stamps out with our Save The Date postcards and they’ve been a hit!  So many folks were wondering how we did it, thought the pic was cute, yada yada yada.

Like I said before, we’ve finally picked out (but not ordered yet) our invitation/reply card/thank you’s paper and envelopes so I’m pretty excited about that.  We probably won’t put our pics on the invitation & reply card stamps, but maybe on the thank you’s because they are a bit expensive and we’re trying to keep this thing under control financially.

Anyhoo, getting the STD’s (save the date’s…keep your head out of the gutter!) printed up at Kinko’s saved us a bunch of money, which…let us spend the money we’d saved there on our fancy pants stamps.  Now we’ll get the super fancy paper and envelopes online and again take them to Kinko’s and get them printed up.  This has been an area of incredible savings for us.


aaahhhh…organization December 22, 2009

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As Baloo (from The Jungle Book) says, it’s all about the bare necessities.  And these are my wedding planning necessities.

At top left, the organizer and budget planner.  Essential at the beginning of this process as I tried to wrap my brain around just how much we could spend.  Also, it’s full of questions to ask vendors…and I ask all of them.  Sometimes I feel badly for them…but I still ask.  Not only is it an organizer and planner, but its got file folders built in (!) so that I can keep all receipts together.

Top right, the book that makes my mom happy…my Emily Post etiquette book, or how not to piss people off and write super authentic thank you notes.

The bottom book is my baby…my idea book.  Though I love Mt. Bridal Magazine, I can’t (and I don’t want to) do everything, so I clip ideas out of magazines and put them in there.  It’s helpful to keep me focused on what my vision for our wedding is and it’s also nice to show to people so that they know what’s going on.

For whatever reason, my employer is still requiring that I work during the planning process, so organization is key and these help me a bunch.