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Weddingese May 23, 2010

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So I’ve spent the majority of our engagement period trying not to become obsessed with weddings and wedding planning.  I didn’t want to be one of those ladies who stop speaking English promptly upon getting engaged.   You know who I’m talking about…those that take up Weddingese as their first language.

You: hey how’s it going?
Bride: oh my god, planning this wedding is going to be so cumbersome!

You: did you watch the final episode of Lost tonight?
Bride: no way I’ve got time to watch television, planning a wedding is so time consuming!

You: can you believe that Boston has done Cleveland and Orlando like this?!
Bride: what…are those the most popular places to get married or something?

Unfortunately during the week of the wedding, it seems unavoidable not to be all wedding all the time.  My mom’s in town and she’s fired up about the wedding, my house is getting prepped for the bridal shower (lots of weeding of the flower beds!), we did a lot of shopping today for The Mister and his peeps (gifts, ties, etc.), and I am singularly focused on my  to-do list.

It’s fun though and I’m trying my best to enjoy it like everyone says I should do.  Five days and I’ll be getting married to the best guy ever…woo hoo!!


last hurrah May 21, 2010

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So I’m thinking that this is pretty much the last time I’ll have to mess around online looking at wedding stuff.  My mom’s coming in tomorrow and the nitty gritty “to-do” list stuff will start to get done.  So here’s what I found while bopping around on Etsy.  As with all pics on this site, just click on it to go to the source page.

For those folks looking for a different kind of wedding band…

These are awesome!  Invitations and reply cards…though I don’t know in what instance you’d use them.  Too cute!

This clutch is way cute.

We’ve already gotten The Mister’s ring, obviously the invitations are finished, and I’ve got my reception clutch…but this is something I wouldn’t mind having at the house.  I can actually see this hanging in our living room in my mind’s eye…so it’ll probably be purchased at some point:


I get by with a little help from my friends May 20, 2010

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My friends have been pretty amazing with all of this wedding stuff.

  • When I posted up pics of the yard sign I wanted for our reception, one of my bridesmaids offered up she and her boyfriend’s services to create one for us.
  • When I said we were gonna do our own flowers, my maid of honor started meeting with a florist so that our flowers look superfly.
  • Another couple of work friends lent me a mess of buckets that we’ll put the flowers in once they’re delivered.  It went like this:  Hey can I use those buckets for my wedding? Which buckets?  The ones that are super full of stuff that would be very annoying to have to move. Sure!
  • I asked a coworker if she’d help me build a chuppah.  After looking it up to see what the heck I was talking about, we (by which I mean, she) spent an hour this morning mixing cement for the base.
  • I’d sent out an preliminary itinerary a few months ago and my sis-in-law was the one who had the nerve to tell me that said schedule was insane.
  • I gave my other bridesmaid the email addresses of my sorority sisters so that she can set up the singing of our Sweetheart Song…she didn’t bat an eye.  Just prayed that they know how to sing.  I don’t think they do.
  • I totally forgot to ask another coworker about a stand mixer that my mom’s gonna need to make her awesome cheesecakes, so I just texted earlier today.  No problem.
  • Not to mention the two ladies that I work with who offered themselves up to be our day of coordinators before I even knew what that meant or knew to ask.

What I’m finding out is that when people say they want to help…they really do.  It’s pretty overwhelming, I’m not going to lie.  These same folks are spending money on outfits, plane tickets, hotel rooms, car reservations, gifts, etc.  Yet they’re still on the “what can I do?” train.

If this is what weddings do to people, I want more of it!


fantasy April 27, 2010

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On July 25th, when The Mister asked me to marry him, the whole wedding thing seemed like it was sooo far away.  All of the planning wasn’t really real, because the wedding was sooo far away.  Well now it’s only thirty one days away (!!) and the fantasy’s gone and the work has started.  No more looking at blogs and magazines for inspiration or to drool over other people’s weddings.  Now it’s about getting RSVP cards back, sending out invites for the rehearsal din din, working with my maid of honor (who’s out of state like all of my fam) on the bridal shower, vendor meetings, watching my savings account dwindle…the nuts and bolts of planning a big shindig.

Now I’m just sitting back and hoping that all of that planning will pan out…that folks have a good time, drink lots of beer, shake their collective tails, and eat until their bellies pop.  I also hope that I don’t sweat too much, cry too much, or drink too much.

That’s not too much to ask is it?  Has your fantasy collided with reality yet?


it’s not a bad word April 13, 2010

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I was in a meeting yesterday at work and the guy who was leading it asked who wanted to make calls to folks with good and bad news.  He looked around at everyone and I volunteered right away.  Then he was like, “I can make the calls to the folks who’ve got the bad news if you like.”  I looked at him like he was crazy and said (literally): I have no problem with “no”.  So everyone got all, “watch out for Dawn” and “I wouldn’t want to see Dawn in a back alley”, yada, yada, yada.

What’s wrong with “no”?  It’s not a bad word?

And I’m finding that I’ve become emboldened with the power of “no” when it comes to wedding planning.  For myself: no, I can’t buy a purse that costs $200 that will only be used at the reception.  No!  For the fam: no, cousin so and so can’t come to the wedding right now…we don’t have room.   No!  But maybe as more “no” RSVP’s come in, we’ll be able to make room for them.  See?  A positive “no”!

So ladies, there’s nothing wrong with “no”…it’s just another word.  But a powerful word that can help you set boundaries for yourself and others as you plan your wedding.   Have you had to use any “no’s” lately?


appropriate? January 19, 2010

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So when is it okay for me to be out in the open with my wedding planning at work?  I’m just asking because I know all of us brides-to-be are getting some items checked off of to-do lists, right?

My ratio of wedding planning to work is at about 80:20…but I anticipate that number will slowly change as we get closer to the wedding date.  When can I tell my boss, “I’m sorry, I’d love to get that very important project done for you, but I’m talking to our caterer right now.  Can I find you later”?  Or when my coworkers need me for a project, can I be all “your project is for suckers, I’ve got a wedding to plan!”?  The week before, can I just yell at people to not talk to me?

I’m just wondering.