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transportation…again March 22, 2010

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**Update: the Jaguar dude emailed me back and was like, I misquoted you…it’s $190.  I guess that settles it, huh?**

Since The Mister informed me that he wanted to have a car and driver take us from our ceremony to our reception, I’ve been hard at work searching out our options.  Since we’re doing it, I wanna do it up right!  We’ll be in this vehicle for the half an hour it’ll take to get from our chapel to the reception site…and maybe it can be in a few pics?

Here are my top two options and I’m looking for opinions here please!  The Rolls Royce is choice #1.  I like it because it’s an old school looking car…but it’s also more expensive than option #2.  $400 will get me the car and includes gratuity, red carpet, champagne w/engraved glasses that’ll have our names and wedding dates on them.

Then there’s option #2…the Jaguar.  It’s pretty fancy and sporty, I’m wondering if The Mister will like this one better because of that.  It’s iPod capatible and if we want, we can watch a DVD on the way to the reception in there too!  It’s $250 including driver gratuity, red carpet, “just married” signs, and champagne.

So what do you think?  Old school fancy or modern fancy?


I heart my mailman… March 20, 2010

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…because he’s been bringing me a lot of wedding goodness lately!  Wanna see what I got today?  Of course you do!

Nicely wrapped and even a thank you from the vendor, pertyfultings on Etsy:

And inside…our cake toppers!!

I’m super excited about how these turned out!  They’re cute, fun, and most important…not expensive.  Seven dollars including shipping.


weddzilla post March 18, 2010

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Yeah, premarital counseling is good, but for my money…dancing lessons are where it’s at!  You’ve got to work together, problem solve, and you both can’t be the boss.  Check out my post about our first dance lesson.


big day earrings March 16, 2010

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I used to wear earrings all of the time.  I work in a male dominated field and they were an easy way for me to assert my girliness.  But I’ve gotten lazy lately and don’t go thru the trouble…perhaps it’s my engagement ring that makes that whole “girly” statement for me now.  I do love earrings though and I love studs or small dangly ones…nothing gigantic or anything.

I was over at Etsy (of course) and decided to bop around on the site to see what they had for me.  I like all of these so any of them will work…let me know what you think.   The first is very “me”, ivory flower with nice detail:

I really like these goldish drops, though  I do worry (with both of these) about the gold color.  I’m wearing silver shoes to the wedding and switching to gold for the reception…wondering about the clash:

Then I got to thinking about my “something blue” and thought that maybe that could be the earrings…here are a couple of options.  These are my least fave of the two blues:

And these:

All of these earrings are under $20 which sounds just about right.  Well, which do you think?  Maybe no one will notice gold earrings with silver shoes and I’m just making a big deal about nothing.


card box March 15, 2010

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This is something I hadn’t thought about DIYing, but now after looking at a few I might give it a whirl.  Here are my top three faves:

I think this one from Target is nice, but it’s $40…that seems a bit much for something I won’t have much use for after the wedding:

These next two are from Etsy and maybe I’m wrong, but I feel like I can go to Hobby Lobby and buy a box and some paint and hook this up:

This one is my favorite…but again, I think I can buy some wallpaper and ribbon and a box and make this myself for less than $45:

So what do you think?  I’m not super crafty, but I feel like this is a reasonable project…this shouldn’t lead to frustration should it?


top gun March 10, 2010

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I’m sure that you guys will remember that I went to a (dreaded and dreadful) bridal show back in January and won a gift certificate for my wedding cupcakes and cake topper.  I met with the baker lady back then and haven’t really thought about it since.  But in an effort to feel better about myself and cross some “to-do” items off of my list, easiest seemed the cake toppers.  I’ve found three that I like, let me know what you think…I’d love to get this finished today.

I found all of these on Etsy and all are under $10.  I like the butterflies, our wedding’s in the Spring, so that would go well.  Our cake is going to be off white though and these only come in stark white.

This one isn’t my fave, but it’s nice and it would go with the venue and the cake.  I’m pretty sure I can get the ribbon in another color if I want.

I’m not gonna lie…this one’s my favorite.  I think it’s cute, fun, festive and says “celebration”…and who doesn’t love a good “woot, woot!”?

Alright ladybugs, I need your help.  Which one do you like the best?  Why?  Thanks dudes!


reception shoes February 23, 2010

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**Update:  I’m going with the kitten heels for the ceremony AND will get the gladiators for the honeymoon!  Thanks for the input!!**

I love J.Crew…it’s my go-to store.  They make cute clothes with pants that are long enough (praise God!), that fit my shape, and fit my vibe.  You’ll probably remember me drooling over this clutch before I got it through my thick head that $200 was too much to spend on a very small (though very cute) one trick pony.

Anyhoo, still need shoes for the reception.  I’m wearing silver heels for the ceremony and that’s probably how long my feet will last in them.  Then it’s time for comfort so that I can shake my tail at the reception.  Here are my options…all are under $100:

Espadrilles…usually I’m not a fan of wedges (how do you walk in them?!), but these aren’t too tall…

I like these kitten heels, kinda fancy (the reception is in a Victorian mansion), but still can boogy in them (these are a bit over $100)…

I think these are my least fave…a version of gladiator sandals…

My summer staple:  flip flops…

Okay, seriously people…I need feedback.  Which one is your favorite?  I’d really like to check this off of my to-do list this week.  Remember my dress is ivory and tea length…and I have gigantically large feet (size 11’s) so I can’t have a shoe that makes them look bigger than they already are.


weddingy February 20, 2010

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Sometimes I feel badly that we’re not doing more traditional stuff, like people are looking for something that I just can’t give them.  Like folks will ask me what our colors are…and I tell them, but it’s always kind of apologetically because we’re not doing too much with the colors.  It’s not like everything’s going to be all slate blue and charcoal grey’d out.  Then people ask to see my ring, and I show them and they say, “oooh”, but with a question mark.  I’d asked for a flower ring and no diamonds, so I’ve got an amethyst ring shaped like a flower.  The Mister’s getting the wedding ring made at a jeweler and it will have some (conflict free) diamonds in it because he hated having to explain the lack of traditional bling…still shaped like a flower though.  Don’t even get started on the invitations…

So I was excited when our wedding-y napkins and ribbon came in the mail a couple of months ago.  They’ve both got our names and wedding date on them and I think folks will dig them.  Here’s the napkins that we’ll bust out for dessert:

Why are we using these just for dessert?  Because I’m hoping that they’ll just be more for show than anything…if they were for dinnertime, folks would be putting those napkins to work.  Think of these napkins as the 4″ stilettos you bust out when you’re trying to be sassy…they aren’t for serious walking.

And here are the ribbons:

We’ll wrap these ribbons around our reception centerpieces that will hold our flowers and will also double as favors.  Remember that our reception is being held at an old Victorian mansion, so we don’t have to do any other decoration!  Seriously.  It’s amazing.

What are you doing for favors?  Are you putting your name on stuff at your wedding or reception?


step in the name of love February 18, 2010

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(Pic is clip art from MS Word)

So I’ve told you that me and The Mister have been going through the pre-marital books and it’s good because it makes us talk about stuff we really don’t want to talk about.  But for my money, the best counseling is taking dance lessons.

The Mister and I went to a stepper’s ball on Valentine’s Day.  Like  “Step in the Name of Love” stepping.  But folks around here would call it Chicago-style stepping and will stop talking to you if you were like, “oh, you mean like R. Kelly?”…but it is.  Anyhoo, before the ball, they had lessons.  We went and we were awful, lol!  I’ve watched grown folks step all my life, but never learned.  We both thought it would be pretty cool if we could do some stepping at the reception.  But if that first lesson was any indication, we’ll have to nix that plan!

Stepping is a partner dance and like most, the man leads the show.  Well, Ms. Bossy here (ahem) had a bit of trouble with that.  So, the dance lessons showed me that I need to relax and let someone else run the show sometimes.  We also got to work on our communication skills, because we didn’t want to offend each other by saying the other was terrible…or not doing it right…or not on beat…whatever.  Plus, we were bad together.  I know that sounds funny, but it’s not like I was some great shakes and he was stumbling all over the place or vice versa.  We were able to bond over how badly we were dancing!

At the end of the night, I was so fired up to go to another class, because it was good couple time.  Has anyone experienced this?  Are you doing a special dance at your reception?  Have you taken lessons?


this bud’s for you February 14, 2010

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I heart flowers.  I know it’s cliche, me being female and all, but I do.  They’re pretty, they smell good…they make me smile.  There was a guy at work who said he won’t get his wife flowers because they’ll just die and I was like, do you just eat rice and beans because “it’s all going to the same place” or do you like a nice steak or shrimp dinner every now and then? So I love Valentine’s Day because of the flowers.  The other day, my mom sent me these tulips:

So pretty and she sent a cute note about the next time I have pretty flowers in my hand will be on May 28th…she’s pretty fired up.  Then The Mister gave me some roses:

For our wedding, The Mister and I (or should I say the bridesmaids and I) will be doing our own flowers.  Since I love flowers so much, I knew I couldn’t afford the amount and quality of flowers that I desired by going through a florist, so I’m going through a wholesaler.  I’ll be able to do four bouquets, seven boutonnieres, six corsages, flowers for the chuppah, and all reception flowers (I wrote about it a bit here as well) for about $600.  Which, for our budget, is a lot, but like I said…I love flowers.  Here’s the flower breakdown:

  • 100 stems of roses ($60)
  • 60 stems of freesia ($60)
  • 6 blooms of gardenia for the corsages ($24)
  • 50 stems of sweet pea ($40)
  • 125 blooms of daisy mums ($30)
  • 50 stems of poms ($60)
  • 28 stems of lisianthus ($72)
  • a whole lot of baby’s breath ($24)
  • a whole lot of statice sinuata, another filler ($16)
  • a whole lot of ruscus, greenery ($39)

Ladies have been asking me what my bridal bouquet will look like…I tell them that I don’t know, I figure I’ll wing it when I see the flowers and put together a bouquet that strikes my fancy.  Those ladies look at me with pity…sometimes they giggle.  I miss the joke.  I also don’t know what the bridesmaids bouquets will look like, they can choose from the selection as well.  I kinda think that the boutonnieres will be similar but not necessarily exactly the same…I’m taking a class on how to arrange flowers, hopefully that helps..  The chuppah and reception flowers will be made up after that.  Seems simple enough to me.

But those ladies keep giving me that look.