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weddzilla post April 2, 2010

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Our reception venue only holds 150 people…not small, but not huge either.  It’s not a reception hall or ballroom, but a mansion with many smaller rooms.  Gorgeous?  Yes.  Too small for people to bring folks we hadn’t planned on?  You bet!  So we had inserts made up to tell people how many folks they could RSVP for…hopefully it works!  Check them out over here.


weddzilla post March 30, 2010

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Don’t know about y’all, but an open bar was a pretty essential part of our wedding planning.  But an open bar at a hotel or reception hall is crazy expensive.  Go and read here about how that one choice led us to our reception venue.  Did you guys have any early choices that drove major decisions?


I’m in a bit of a pickle March 25, 2010

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I’m going home this weekend.  That’s a good thing!  I’ll get to see my mom and some folks who’ve been sick and in the hospital.  But I’ll also see folks, lots of folks, who aren’t invited to the wedding.

They’re all family, but they’re family that I see less than once a year…but they’re already sending out feelers that they want to come.  They can’t come, there’s no room.  People act like a wedding is a summer picnic or something…”oooo, I’m coming!  What do you want me to bring?”  Nothing…you’re not coming.

How do I handle this?  Can I cut off “the ask” by saying that too bad our venue is so small, but we sure do wish that we could invite them?  Or do I just ignore the subtle nudges?  What about the overt nudges…like when they give me their address so that I know where to send the invitation?


transportation…again March 22, 2010

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**Update: the Jaguar dude emailed me back and was like, I misquoted you…it’s $190.  I guess that settles it, huh?**

Since The Mister informed me that he wanted to have a car and driver take us from our ceremony to our reception, I’ve been hard at work searching out our options.  Since we’re doing it, I wanna do it up right!  We’ll be in this vehicle for the half an hour it’ll take to get from our chapel to the reception site…and maybe it can be in a few pics?

Here are my top two options and I’m looking for opinions here please!  The Rolls Royce is choice #1.  I like it because it’s an old school looking car…but it’s also more expensive than option #2.  $400 will get me the car and includes gratuity, red carpet, champagne w/engraved glasses that’ll have our names and wedding dates on them.

Then there’s option #2…the Jaguar.  It’s pretty fancy and sporty, I’m wondering if The Mister will like this one better because of that.  It’s iPod capatible and if we want, we can watch a DVD on the way to the reception in there too!  It’s $250 including driver gratuity, red carpet, “just married” signs, and champagne.

So what do you think?  Old school fancy or modern fancy?


I heart my mailman… March 20, 2010

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…because he’s been bringing me a lot of wedding goodness lately!  Wanna see what I got today?  Of course you do!

Nicely wrapped and even a thank you from the vendor, pertyfultings on Etsy:

And inside…our cake toppers!!

I’m super excited about how these turned out!  They’re cute, fun, and most important…not expensive.  Seven dollars including shipping.


weddzilla post March 18, 2010

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Yeah, premarital counseling is good, but for my money…dancing lessons are where it’s at!  You’ve got to work together, problem solve, and you both can’t be the boss.  Check out my post about our first dance lesson.


big day earrings March 16, 2010

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I used to wear earrings all of the time.  I work in a male dominated field and they were an easy way for me to assert my girliness.  But I’ve gotten lazy lately and don’t go thru the trouble…perhaps it’s my engagement ring that makes that whole “girly” statement for me now.  I do love earrings though and I love studs or small dangly ones…nothing gigantic or anything.

I was over at Etsy (of course) and decided to bop around on the site to see what they had for me.  I like all of these so any of them will work…let me know what you think.   The first is very “me”, ivory flower with nice detail:

I really like these goldish drops, though  I do worry (with both of these) about the gold color.  I’m wearing silver shoes to the wedding and switching to gold for the reception…wondering about the clash:

Then I got to thinking about my “something blue” and thought that maybe that could be the earrings…here are a couple of options.  These are my least fave of the two blues:

And these:

All of these earrings are under $20 which sounds just about right.  Well, which do you think?  Maybe no one will notice gold earrings with silver shoes and I’m just making a big deal about nothing.