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respondez, s’il vous plait! May 3, 2010

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This pic is from the invitation that I keep stashed away in my bag…yes, I have an invitation stashed away for whenever I feel like taking a peek at it.  What?  Is that weird?  I really like our invites and I’m super excited to be getting married, so whenever the feeling comes over me, I take it out, take a gander, then put it back in its envelope.

Anyhoo, we’re getting close to our RSVP deadline time, which of course means that I’m gonna have to become Magnum P.I. and track folks down.  So much of the process of planning a wedding is done by one person (me!) or at most, a few people…but once those RSVP’s are released, all bets are off!  Things are out of my control and I’m not happy about it, lol!  I don’t know about you, but it seems that the process has fallen into five different categories.

The go-getters.  We sent our invites out on a Monday and started getting replies in by Wednesday.  I thank these people not only because they allowed me to check something else off of my to-do list, but because it’s super exciting to receive the cards in the mail.  The early ones set my heart at ease because that meant that there weren’t any problems at the post office that I didn’t know about.  Now we’re at the point where it’s just fun to see who’s gonna be coming.

The hand-offs. They live close by, we happened to stop by, so they give us the reply card.  Now, don’t get me wrong…I’d rather have the card than not have the card.  But we spent money on stamps for every single reply card and it seems like such a waste to not put it in the mailbox.  Why must they rob me of the joy of seeing that wonderful copper envelope and ripping it open to see who it’s from?  Whyyyyyy?!!

The add-ons. We’re super excited they’re coming, they’re fired up to come…along with a plus one.  The problem is they weren’t given a plus one.  So here’s the process from there:  I check my guest list spread sheet just to be sure they’ve RSVP’d with the incorrect number.  I grumble to myself and anyone within earshot that they know they weren’t supposed to write that number down.  Most times it’s someone whose phone number I don’t have, so I’ve got to track that down so that I can call them and give them my “our reception venue is really small but if someone RSVP’s no, then I’ll try to slide your person in but right now we don’t have room for them” speech.  Those convos are awkward and typically very short.

The add-ons…part two. This is the way to request an additional person in my humble opinion.  They get their invite in the mail, see that it’s for a number that won’t work for whatever reason and they get in contact with me right away.  One reason for an add-on could be:  hey, me and my bf are coming up for the weekend and I’d already invited him to your wedding before I knew that I didn’t have a plus one.  He’s coming up to meet my fam for the first time and I thought it’d be fun if he met some of my old college friends.  If you can’t swing it I totally understand, but if you can I’d be super fired up. That seems reasonable, right?  And I appreciate the heads up rather than just writing in whatever number they wanted to, hmmmpft.

The MIA’s. Whether they’re in the wedding, so they don’t think they’ve got to send their card in (they do) or they think that we “know” that they’re coming (we don’t) or whether they just plain forget (it happens)…we’re missing a lot of reply cards.  We’ve made it so easy for everyone…there’s already a stamp on there for goodness sakes.  *sigh*  I plan on calling my fam and begging them to send in their cards so that it doesn’t seem like such a waste of money for those custom stamps.  I also plan on shaming those folks who forgot about sending it in to put it in the mailbox.  I know that they’re gonna want to tell me the answer rather than send it in, but I’ll tell them how much I love seeing those envelopes in the mail and hopefully that’ll work.

Are you having RSVP troubles?  How are you tackling it?


Weddzilla post April 30, 2010

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I was excited about how our invitations turned out.  They were unique, classy, and fun.  You can click over here to see how they turned out and how we saved money.


weddzilla post April 2, 2010

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Our reception venue only holds 150 people…not small, but not huge either.  It’s not a reception hall or ballroom, but a mansion with many smaller rooms.  Gorgeous?  Yes.  Too small for people to bring folks we hadn’t planned on?  You bet!  So we had inserts made up to tell people how many folks they could RSVP for…hopefully it works!  Check them out over here.


they’re ready… March 29, 2010

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…for the post office!

The invitations will go out today!  Is it weird that I want to take them to the post office myself?  Like hand them to the lady behind the counter?  The Mister giggled when I said wanted to take them and hand them over to a person and not just drop them in the box, but for whatever reason it makes me feel more comfortable.



y’all… March 17, 2010

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…I am beat!  Those are my feet and I promptly kicked them up when I got home.

I took a day off from work…to get work done for the wedding, lol!  I got some good exercise to start the day and then I finished addressing all of our invitations, then went shopping for gifts for the wedding party.  Got the maid of honor a gift, already had gotten the bridesmaids their gifts, got both moms, a grandma, and a dad’s gift.  I’m cruisin’ baby!  Just need flower girl, neice, and nephew…oh, and The Mister!  I’m thinking of suggesting that we write each other notes to exchange instead of buying gifts.  It’s not because I don’t want to get him something, it’s just that I can’t think of anything and my brain hurts from trying.  Plus it might actually be kinda sweet.

Anyhoo, to reward myself for working so hard, I decided that I was gonna make me some popcorn and watch a movie.

What did y’all do today?


invitation deets March 4, 2010

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Okay folks, here are the details on our invitations.  I just started addressing them today, so I figured I’d take a few pics.  I assume that after the wedding, I’ll give all of the financial info, but here’s the general process we went through:

  • Got a local graphic designer to design STD’s, invite, reply card, and thank you’s.
  • Ordered paper and envelopes online at Paper and More, which I’d highly recommend! They were amazing.  You can order samples and they’re only $1 a sheet/envelope.  We probably ordered 15 sheets of paper before we settled on the gold linen cardstock that we chose.  And probably five or six envelopes before we settled on a copper metallic and brown metallic.  And they come very quickly, if you’re doing your invites yourself, I’d recommend this company.  We’ll use the extra paper not used for the invitations & thank you’s for programs and reception signage.
  • Ordered card insert from Vista Print to indicate number of invitees.
  • Ordered address labels for the reply cards…can’t remember where we got those.
  • Took the design to Kinko’s and they ran everything off in about a day.

I know that we saved tons of money doing it this way and they were custom, which I wanted.  Now without further ado, here are our invitations.  Actually, I want to show you the inspiration from my idea book that I put together.  This was important for a couple of reasons: our invites are different and having this clipping legitimized the design…plus, the cost is on there ($4k/100) and I can be like, at least I didn’t spend that kind of money!

Here’s how ours turned out.  I took the pic on my kitchen table so it’s probably not the best background, but you get the idea:

The bottom three (reply card & envelope, plus the invite card) all go together.  Maybe if you click on the pick, you’ll see that there’s lots of hearts on there…very cute.  Plus it’s a Memorial weekend wedding, so the colors reflect that as well.  Here’s a close up…hopefully you can see the metallic paper and envelopes.  The Mister and I really liked the metallic effect…adds some punch to the invite and makes them look a little less casual.

Since the envelopes and paper have a metallic gold tint to them, I used a metallic gold marker to write the addresses.  This was no small feat, by the way.  I went to Staples and bought a lot of markers that did not work.  When folks are putting together their final budget numbers, stuff like this should be included, because when you DIY things there’s lots of trial and error…and that usually means money.  Here’s the winner, ended up ordering it online at an art supply site:

Ugh…there are those jacked up nails of mine again!  Anyway, here’s another shot of the stamps as well.  The gold heart is going on the copper metallic (reply) envelope and the dancers are going on the brown metallic envelope.

So now you can see why my mom said that the invitations were “interesting” and that “people sure will be talking about these”…they’re different.  But we both really like them…they’re classy casual just like the two of us.

Have you gotten your invitations made up yet?  How early are you sending yours?  I’d like to get ours out within the next couple of weeks and that should put us around the two months to go point.  Is your hubby-to-be helping with the addressing?  I didn’t even ask The Mister.  I can look at something he’s written for a solid minute or two and still have no clue that those marks are even letters, let alone words, lol!


invitation stamps February 22, 2010

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We’re getting close to having our invitations ready to send out.  By “close”, I mean we have the invitations and have done nothing with them and somehow think that they’ll address themselves.  Anyway, I’m gonna get my stuff together (famous last words!) and get to writing out addresses.

Last night I ordered our invitation and reply card stamps on Zazzle.  I’m a fan of this company and used them to put The Mister and I’s beautiful mugs on our save the date stamps.  Wanna see those?  Click here.  Those were a hit with tons of folks, so when I told The Mister we won’t do that for the invitations, he was disappointed.  It was fun to see him smile all big when people complimented us on the stamp and I would think, he’s into this whole “wedding” business.  I think we’ll do them for our thank you card stamps (with a pic from our wedding), but those things are expensive!  They’re like garlic…a little goes a long way.

I had to take screen shots of my laptop to show these because the site wouldn’t let me copy the picture.  Here’s the reply card stamp:

And this is what we’ll use for the invitation outer envelope.  These folks are actually an African American couple, not just literally the color black.  For whatever reason, the color didn’t translate too well, maybe if you click on it you can tell…  Anyhoo, here you go:

Our invitation envelope is a metallic chocolate color and the reply card is a metallic copper…paper is gold linen cardstock.  I’ll put up pics and cost info on those later.

Give me the goods on your invitations!  Colors? Are you addressing them yourself or hiring out? Formal or casual? Letterpress?  Sidenote: my mom is stressing over the casual nature of our invitations.  I kind of feel badly for her because she’s trying so hard to be nice and be supportive, but she just doesn’t like our invites.  The best she could come up with was, “those sure are interesting” and “people sure will be talking about those”, lol!


weddzilla post February 12, 2010

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Did you know that you could put your picture on a stamp?  Did you know that if you put your picture on a stamp with your fiance, people think it’s super cute?  No?  Go on over here to check out what we did with our Save The Dates.