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smushy mushy goodness October 19, 2010

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I’m obviously in a sappy mood tonight.  I bought a song based on an NFL commercial and now I’m in love with it…seriously.  You guys know that I’m a huge NFL fan and happily spend my Sundays perched in front of the television.  A few weeks ago I saw a commercial with the tagline “There’s No Place Like Home” with this absolutely fabulous song on it and I bought it.

Then I heard the whole thing.

It’s wonderful I tell ya!  The lyrics make me want to give The Mister lots of big, huge hugs and tell him how much I love him.  This song makes me smile.  It makes my heart feel like someone is squeezing it a little…I love it.  Watch the video at your own risk…you will love your hubby with a sappy, sweet, sticky love.  Here’s a preview of the chorus:  “Home is when I’m alone with you”…and if you don’t think that’s super awesome, “home is whenever I’m with you.”  Awwwwww!!!

Anyhoo, “Home” by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

Same song, but live on the Letterman show.  Warning…they’re kooky!


12 Cozy Date Ideas October 5, 2010

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I’m totally stealing this from over at Simple Marriage, you can click here for the actual post…except I’m putting my spin on her ideas.  I’d love to hear your spin on things in the comments!

End of the year project. She says that we should do a home project for a “date”.  Ummm, no.  He’s not getting off that easy, we’re going somewhere, dangit!

Make soup. She says cooking together helps you bond…I say me cooking and him doing the dishes and a great bonding afternoon.

Walk through area nature trails. Okay, this one I like.  I LOVE going on walks with The Mister.  It gives us time to talk or not talk, but it’s fun to be outside together.

Sip spiked hot cocoa. I’m for anything spiked…just be prepared for me to want to take a nap afterwards, lol!

Cuddle up in a blanket on the porch. I like this one!  We’ve got a nice screened in porch that we could use.  Or, since our house is a bit on the chilly side as it is, we could just do this one inside with a nice movie.

Break in the flannel sheets. Not sure why this is a date…ooooohhh, “break in” the sheets.  I get it.

Share a bestselling book. Read out loud to each other?  I think not sister.  We are taking a class together at church if that counts.

Plan a vacation close to home. Meh.  I’d rather save the money for an actual vacation.

Make apple pie. Don’t know why this is a date idea, but I have been thinking about making apple pie lately…it’s that time of the year.

Exchange a snuggly gift. She doesn’t mean this in an “adult” manner, lol! *giggling uncontrollably*  She’s talking about buying your honey some slippers or a warm robe.

Snuggle beside a bonfire. We’ve got a fire pit that we never use…perhaps we should.

Attend a high school sporting event. This would be a cute idea if I didn’t spend my every waking moment in a gym, surrounded by coaches.  That’s not a date for me, that’s called “work”.

What do you guys think about these date ideas?  Anything you and your honey do that I should be trying?


I heart football September 28, 2010

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The Mister is a huge Chicago Bears fan, so we went out to watch the Bears Packers game last night and I was trying to be a gamer and wear the Bears colors (orange & blue)…but he accused me of wearing yellow.  Does that look like yellow?  Hmmmpft!  The funny part was that while I was giving him grief about being color-blind, the first thing someone says to me was some comment about me wearing Packers colors.  What?!!  That’s orange, right?!

Then I got to thinking about what The Mister’s poor football life has turned into since he watches games with me.  I love the sport because I’m a coach and I enjoy watching the tactical nature of sport, but I don’t know the game in and out or anything.  So these are things I said last night while watching the game:

  • Oh my goodness, that dude is huge!  *poking with finger to get his attention*
  • Lovie needs a size bigger pants.
  • That dude sucks, why don’t they take him out?
  • Dear God, that dude is gigantic!! *The Mister rolls his eyes at this one and reminds me that they are football players*
  • Why does he keep making that same mistake?
  • Why don’t they just tackle him, he’s standing right there?

And this was just last night…every weekend there are a new series of questions for him.  He hasn’t stopped watching with me yet, so I guess that’s a good sign!

Do you watch with your honey?


Love is… September 25, 2010

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I have a confession to make:  I hate these comics.  I think they’re cheesy and the characters look funny and I constantly wonder who actually likes them.  I mean someone must like them because they’ve been around forever.  Awful!  Just for giggles, I did an internet search for “who likes love is comics” and there are all sorts of fan sites.  Ugh!

Now that I’ve sufficiently explained my dislike for the Love Is comic, I thought of them last night when I came home after a terrible day at the office and The Mister was there to listen to me complain and give me hugs and had a funny movie all queued up and ready to go.  He’s pretty awesome and to me…that’s what Love Is.


Lions vs. Bears September 12, 2010

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No, this post isn’t about The Wizard of Oz (lions and tigers and bears, oh my!), but about my conundrum of the weekend.  You see, later on today, the Detroit Lions will play the Chicago Bears and I’m a Lions fans (which is unfortunate because they’re the world’s worst team!) and The Mister is for the Bears.  Normally it’s not such a big deal, because Detroit is so awful that it normally doesn’t matter…but this year they might actually be alright.  And I think the Bears have the potential to be a train wreck.

If the Lions win, can I gloat?  The problem is that The Mister can’t really gloat because Detroit is so bad…but if my team wins?  That’s struttin’ around material right there!

So stay tuned…I’ll wear my Lions blue to church today, I think.


Now I get it September 2, 2010

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I used to read articles in magazines about wives who said that the sexiest thing that their hubby could do would be to help around the house and I’d think…and that’s why I’m not married, lol!!  I would think, how on Earth is cleaning sexy…or even cute for that matter?

But now I get it.  When I get home from a long twelve or thirteen hour day at the office and The Mister has vacuumed or done the laundry, I just wish he was wearing those breakaway pants (like the basketball guys wear) so that we could get down to business right there!  I understand that it’s not about the cleaning, but the meaning behind it.  He’s cleaning because he knows that it’s important to me and that I value a clean house.  He’s putting my feelings first and I appreciate him for that!  There’s something to knowing that there’s another person in this world who’s got your back and wants to be there for you.  It’s pretty awesome, I’m not gonna lie.

I already know what I’m getting The Mister for Christmas:  breakaway pants!!


I’ve got an idea… August 31, 2010

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I was listening to NPR the other day and they were talking about those Chilean miners that are trapped underground and probably won’t be rescued for three to four months.  Aside from the sheer awfulness of being trapped without light, stuck underground with strangers, and not having any privacy (I can’t bring myself to think about the bathroom situation), they talked about how their families are handling the situation.  Of course they were elated when they found the men alive and were able to establish contact with them, but then they got to worrying about the mental state of those poor men.

Let’s take a break in the action so that I can take this moment to speak directly to The Mister:  please stop reading.  Seriously, I think it’s super sweet that you subscribe to get these posts in your email, but you’ve got to stop reading.  Right. Now.  Really.

For real.  Close it and send it to the trash.

Okay, now that I’ve taken care of that bit of business, back to the Chileans.  The NPR lady then interviewed their families and so many of them were feverishly writing letters to their husbands, boyfriends, and brothers in order to keep their morale up.  Then I thought…what if I did the same thing?  What if I started writing The Mister letters everyday to tell him about my day, and how much I loved him, and how I just couldn’t imagine my life without him?  I mean, if he were trapped in a mine…or just gone for a long time, I’d probably do it.  Why should I wait until something awful happens in order to try it out?  The miners’ families talked about how close the writing made them feel to the men because it took time and you really put more effort and heart into it than you would an email or text.

I’m going to try to do it everyday…we’ll see how good I get at it and I’ll keep you guys updated.  What do you think?  Is this a crazy idea or what?