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first dance May 30, 2010

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Okay peeps, one of my bridesmaids sent a few pics over.  She’s got some good prep photos, so hopefully I’ll post those later.  But here are a couple teasers:

I’m not making the cutest face is this pic, but check out that hair…it was slammin’!  Playas, I did that myself and my hair is not chemically straightened and it lasted throughout the day and me sweating it out during the reception.

Here’s one where you can see my husband.  I like both of these pics because you can see our rings in them…isn’t The Mister one handsome dude?!!

I had such a blast at our wedding and reception…I’m sure there’ll be pics posted of that later.  But now I’ve got to get packing for our honeymoon…leaving here at 3:30 in the morning.