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What if… March 21, 2010

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…the fancy pants wedding blogs had actual pictures of men and women of color on them?  *clutching pearls*  I mean, whenever I go to those sites (which is too often to admit the real number) I just think…heck, anybody could be doing that!  So I went over to Style Me Pretty (which is amazing in its gorgeous!) in order to see if there was something special about the White bride…I mean, is there some sort of trick that they have, a special pose or something that makes them the predominant color on this site?  Let’s see, shall we?

How about this one?  A Black chick could be a headless bouquet holder, right?

Or what about this one?  Are you telling me that an Hispanic lady and her new hubby couldn’t pose for this pic (which I love, btw)?

Photographers couldn’t find a couple of women of color to pose for this supercute picture?

A minority femme or homme could pose holding some sorbet, non?

This is a scientific study according to Dawn and the results are clear…women of color could perform the same duties as the White brides in these photo.  But for whatever reason it’s not happening.  Either the fancy pants blogs aren’t requesting photos of women of color…or worse, they’re not using them if/when they receive them.  Or the photographers aren’t sending them in to the blogs.  It’s certainly not that women of color aren’t getting married…it’s just that you’d never know it, lol!

If you want to see some hard numbers on women of color in The Knot and Brides magazines, just click on those links and you’ll see that “Black woman as wife” or “Hispanic woman” as bride is virtually nonexistant.  “Asian woman on her wedding day” is the most prevalent…but still not a whole bunch.

I’d love to go to Borders and see some women of color on the covers of some bridal magazines.  Or hop on one of those fancy pants blogs (that I still love visiting!) and see a mess of people of color donning silly fake mustaches in a photo booth.  Folks of color are wasting spending their money on all of this stuff…let’s see it!


I heart my mailman… March 20, 2010

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…because he’s been bringing me a lot of wedding goodness lately!  Wanna see what I got today?  Of course you do!

Nicely wrapped and even a thank you from the vendor, pertyfultings on Etsy:

And inside…our cake toppers!!

I’m super excited about how these turned out!  They’re cute, fun, and most important…not expensive.  Seven dollars including shipping.


weddzilla post March 15, 2010

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I found out early on in this whole bride-to-be adventure that I wasn’t going to flip through the pages of wedding magazines and see pics of folks that looked like me.  Unfortunately that hasn’t stopped me from spending a grip (!!) on my mountain of bridal mags…but I was shocked when I actually did an informal study on images of women of color in those magazines.  I’ll give you a hint…there aren’t many!  Check out this post over here to get the exact numbers.


weddzilla post March 8, 2010

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Is the only thing you want to remember from your wedding the super cool table numbers you made yourself?  Or your fly bouquet?  Perhaps your photographer will only take pictures of you and your hubby?  If you think that sounds crazy, then you’re on the way to knowing that the wedding industry is trying to trick you…don’t be fooled my friends.  I want a “real” real wedding, not a fancy pants blog “real” wedding and I wrote about it over here.


follow me… March 1, 2010

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…down the rabbit hole for a moment.

  • The CDC says that 56% of Black women have been married…and 77% of Hispanic women.
  • The US population of Blacks & Hispanics sits at 28%.
  • 28% of 304, 059, 724 (the US population estimate by the census) is 85,136,722.
  • Since that number is men & women and I’ll assume that only one side of a couple is paying for the wedding, let’s halve that to 42, 568, 361.
  • 56% (# of Black women) of 42, 568, 361 is 23, 838, 282.
  • 77% is 32, 777, 637.

Are you still with me?  I’m going somewhere here…I promise!

  • So 56, 615, 919 people of color are paying for weddings.
  • If those people all had $10k weddings…that’d be $566, 159, 190, 000 spent on weddings by people of color! That’s billions playa.

Obviously, some weddings will be way over that $10,000…and some will be under, so that number is just a guess.  But imagine the economic impact of those dollars.  So when I do my unscientific studies on the numbers of women of color in wedding magazines like I did with The Knot and Brides where the lack of women of color is staggering…I wonder what’s going on.  We’re spending money on vendors and sites just like everyone else…but I don’t get to see brides who look like me in the mags.

I don’t have any answers, but I’ll keep on preaching my “put more women of color in bridal magazines” gospel.


weddzilla post February 28, 2010

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“Etiquette” says that The Mister and I are  “supposed” to spend between $600 and $750 on tips.  I’m sure you can tell by my use of quotation marks that I don’t agree…that’s just kooky if you ask me.  Another $600?  To people I’m already paying a more than fair wage?  Hmmmpft.  I don’t think so.  Click here if you want to figure out what your tips are “supposed” to be.


my new fave! February 27, 2010

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With all due respect to the new Michael Jackson film, this magazine is it!  I’ve been wondering why wedding magazines don’t focus on what life will be like after the wedding…I mean that’s the whole point right?  I know that I’ve become inexplicably obsessed with napkins, ribbons, and per person costs…but I also understand that the wedding is only one day.  There’s real life after May 28th.

I went to Borders to see if there was a wedding magazine that I didn’t already own (*embarrassed*) and this was the only one.  Just take a moment and think about all of the bridal magazines at the bookstore and try to wrap your brain around the fact that I own all of them.  I have a problem.  But my addiction has yet again yielded results in the form of Shape Bride:

Since it’s Shape magazine, there are lots of articles about working out and whatnot.  Of course about dieting:

But what I loved was the real talk!  About how to handle finances:

About what it’s like in the bedroom after “I do”:

And wonders never cease…a Black bride!  Who knew women of color were getting married?!

Overall I’d give this magazine two thumbs up…it’s got a good beat and you can dance to it!  I’m so excited that there’s a brides magazine that’s speaking about more than color palettes and heel height.