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Are you keeping it up? September 14, 2010

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Back in the pre-wedding days, I wrote about my wedding workout and trying to whip myself into shape for the big day…you can read about it here.  I’ll admit to not keeping up with it, I can honestly say that I haven’t been to the gym since May!  I need to figure out how to get it in though, because my work hours are so crazy that a little exercise would do my brain good.

Looking back, are you happy with your wedding weight?  Were you too skinny?  Too big?  Or just right?  What advice would you give to ladies getting ready to get married about their weight?

When I look back, I’m happy with what I did because I didn’t focus on getting thin (though that did need to happen in order for me to fit into my dress), but strong.  I’ve always loved the way muscles look on me and that feeling of being strong.  So why haven’t I kept it up, you ask?  Because I never do, lol!  I put together lifting plans in twelve week increments…do a couple of those, take the summer off, and just walk on the treadmill during my season and that takes care of the year.  So really all I’ve skipped is my treadmill walks…but those help me sort through whatever work issues I’m having and I enjoy the time by myself.  I need to figure out how to get it in.

If you could talk to ladies who are about to seal the deal about working out and wedding weight, what would you say?  Besides the fact that it’s physically impossible for a bride not to be radiant…what advice do you have?


Recaps: working out June 13, 2010

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I had plans of working out during the week of the wedding…I even put it on my timeline for the “week of”.  Clearly I was delusional.  But two weeks out, I was still working it out like a rock star.  At that point, I needed to workout to get the nervous energy out.  Ladies, I know you love your man…you think he’s the bees knees, right?  So do I, but I was getting nervous as all get out!  So that week I got after it.

I also had manual labor to do around the house.  Like I said, my house was wedding central.  Not just because I was the bride, but because I’m not from here, so literally everyone I know was from out of town.  So lots of folks were gonna be around…not to mention the bridal shower my maid of honor (also from out of town) was hosting at my place the Wednesday before our Friday wedding.

Anyhoo, back to the manual labor.  Last summer, I put in three large flower beds at my house and they’re gorgeous.  I’m really proud of them because I put them in myself with a shovel and hoe…no machines did my work for me.  The only problem with beautiful flower beds is that they also get weeds and two weeks before the wedding, the weeds were winning the battle.  So I got to work and it took four hours in each bed to weed and groom them…seriously.

As crazy as all of that weeding was, it was great for me.  I got a chance to be by myself, in my own head, relax, think about the wedding, not think about the wedding…it was awesome.  These were some of my last moments of solitude and they were wonderful.  I think when you’re coordinating your own wedding, the week of will be pure craziness, but try to find time in that second to last week to take care of you.  Read books, watch movies, work out…whatever you need to do to get your mind right.  I’d also plan lots of time with your boo, because the week of the wedding you’re gonna be MIA.


Buff bride! May 11, 2010

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So here we are, two and a half weeks out and I’m feeling pretty good about my wedding workout that I’ve put together for myself.  Not only have I lost seventeen pounds over the last three months, I’ve gotten pretty buff and I’m excited about our honeymoon.  I’m past getting into shape so that the dress zips up (that was at about ten pounds lost), now I’m trying to work it out so that The Mister is like, “whoa”!

The other day at the gym a lady asked me what I was training for and between huffs and puffs and very unladylike sweat, I said, “my honeymoon”, lol!  Between the stepmill (which is a machine of torture I’m sure), my interval circuits (pure hell!), and a step class at my gym (hard, but so much fun), I’ve managed to put in some good work.  And according to this month’s Psychology Today, if I feel better about myself, then the bedroom activities will benefit.  So like I said, I’m looking forward to the honeymoon!

I’d be totally disingenuous if I said I started working about for any sort of altruistic reasons, but I think there have been a few unintended consequences.  I’m ripped, confident, fit, diligent, focused, and energetic.  Have you experienced any positive side effects from the cliched bridal weight loss?  Have you set any fitness/weight loss goals for your wedding?  How’s it going?


cheesy, I know March 28, 2010

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So we’re exactly two months out now.  I feel like things are going as they should…but what the heck do I know, lol?!  Even better news is that I tried on my dress and it fits now, so Operations Get Buff and Get Tight are working well.  As a sidenote, when I tried on the dress at the shop, I asked about a little pouf in the back…by the butt.  I was like, is it supposed to be like that?  And the dress lady was like, no, but this dress doesn’t exactly fit you.  Well, dang lady.  Hmmmppft!

I love putting together workouts, so now that Operation Get Buff is officially over after twelve weeks, it’s time to up the ante on Operation Get Tight and here’s my new workout book.  I put together workouts all of the time and find that it’s pretty inspirational to put sayings and quotations on the cover.  For this one, I put on stuff that reminds me of The Mister and what we’re about to do:

Here’s the cover…

Here are some of the stickers that remind me of how I feel for The Mister:

What motivates you to work it out like a rock star?  Or to keep grinding trying to get the details of the day together?  I find that not only does working out help me fit into my dress, it keeps me sane.  I feel like the reason I’m not stressing and freaking is because I’ve got an outlet through working out.  What’s your outlet?  How are you gonna keep from going nutty right before your wedding day?


my new fave! February 27, 2010

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With all due respect to the new Michael Jackson film, this magazine is it!  I’ve been wondering why wedding magazines don’t focus on what life will be like after the wedding…I mean that’s the whole point right?  I know that I’ve become inexplicably obsessed with napkins, ribbons, and per person costs…but I also understand that the wedding is only one day.  There’s real life after May 28th.

I went to Borders to see if there was a wedding magazine that I didn’t already own (*embarrassed*) and this was the only one.  Just take a moment and think about all of the bridal magazines at the bookstore and try to wrap your brain around the fact that I own all of them.  I have a problem.  But my addiction has yet again yielded results in the form of Shape Bride:

Since it’s Shape magazine, there are lots of articles about working out and whatnot.  Of course about dieting:

But what I loved was the real talk!  About how to handle finances:

About what it’s like in the bedroom after “I do”:

And wonders never cease…a Black bride!  Who knew women of color were getting married?!

Overall I’d give this magazine two thumbs up…it’s got a good beat and you can dance to it!  I’m so excited that there’s a brides magazine that’s speaking about more than color palettes and heel height.


phase II February 17, 2010

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I’m her.  Who, you ask?  Crazy bride-to-be who’s worried about losing weight for the wedding, that’s who!

I don’t know when it happened…somewhere between buying my dress this summer and trying it on the other day and having it not fit properly.  Dangit!  I’ve been trying to console myself with the fact that designers make dresses two sizes too small, but that doesn’t change the fact that in July that mug fit and now it doesn’t.  *sigh*

I’m not a big person, never been a big person…just not in my genes.  So I’ve never really had to diet.  I’ve always said that the word “diet” should always be a noun and never a verb.  But now I think I’ll add a caveat…unless you’re getting married and everyone you know and love will be staring at you and you want to look your best for them and for the pictures.

Anyhoo, started working out six and a half weeks ago…lifting, light cardio and whatnot.  I can honestly say that it took me two weeks to not be sore and to stop shooting daggers at The Mister when he tried to touch me, lol.  Now that I’ve got phase one (operation: get buff) almost complete (only five and a half more weeks to go), it’s time to go to the next level.  Phase two…operation: get tight.  I’ve got to lose a few and of course I’ll continue to take cardio classes and whatnot after the lifting’s finished, but the most important thing I’ve got to do is control my eating.

Little Debbie, Lays, Ben & Jerry’s…you ain’t said nothing but a word.  So like I did with my lifting where I keep meticulous records of my workouts, I’ll do the same for food stuff…here are my tools:

A food journal:


And food counter:

You may be saying to yourself, Dawn, you may be tending a bit to the anal side…to which I would say, I know, lol!  Do you ever drive your own self crazy?  Well I do daily and this is one of the reasons: anal, thy name is Dawn.  But I’ll be able to chart my progress, make sure I’m eating healthily (and not just think I’m eating healthy), and see what an appropriate amount of calories is for me.

Mission Slimpossible is about to begin!


weddzilla post January 20, 2010

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Check me out over there…writing about Wedding Workout 2010.  I’m on week three now and I can honestly say that I’m not painfully sore.  Progress!